8 Everyday Habits That Might Give You Cellulite

Do you know that there are a lot of things that we do everyday cause cellulite formation on different parts of the body. Read this list to know all of them.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 11, 2019
8 Everyday Habits That Might Give You Cellulite

Admittedly, we all hate fat and cellulite. These mostly occur at upper thighs, arms, hips and waist and are very difficult to get rid of. Sometimes it is genetic while sometimes it appears after weight loss. However, there are a few daily habits that contribute to cellulite build-up which a lot of us don’t know. Check these out and see if you are doing any of them!

1. Dehydration

Not drinking sufficient water or dehydration is one of the major contributors to cellulite formation. To metabolize fat cells and their toxic build-up, water is essential. When there is the inadequacy of water in the body, the toxins build up in the form of cellulite. Also, water essentially keeps the skin soft, supple and glowing.

2. Sitting for too long

Sitting or standing in the same position for long periods does affect the circulatory system. This results in cellulite formation. It is advised to walk in between the breaks to exercise the body and inhibit fat accumulation.

3. Eating junk foods

Junk, processed, packaged foods, as well as foods containing refined sugar, are cellulite’s best buddies. Also, inflammatory foods such as cheese, margarine, white bread, fatty meats work to retain toxins and provoke the cells to grow which gives rise to cellulite. To prevent this, you are advised to eat anti-inflammatory foods such as salmon, avocados, fresh berries, green tea, olive oil and water.

4. Crash dieting 

In the episodes of continuous weight gain and loss, the skin loses its natural elasticity which makes cellulite more visible. Crash dieting lessens the collagen production which triggers shrinking and expanding of the skin.

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5. Wearing extremely tight clothes

If you are someone who loves to wear tight-fitting clothes, watch out. Wearing extremely tight clothes inhibit blood circulation by limiting the flow which creates cellulite.

6. Not Exercising

Being physically inactive is another major reason behind cellulite formation. Do exercise at least half an hour to prevent cellulite. Anything which makes your body move can work.

7. Skipping using a body brush while bathing

A body brush can be of great help when it comes to preventing cellulite. Many people find this as a useless bath tool but it is really useful. It helps to discard the layer of dead skin cells which promotes the growth of new skin. Brushing your body regularly can stall the occurrence of cellulite.

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8. Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol causes the blood vessels constriction which makes cellulite more apparent. Regular drinking and smoking cause cellulite problems as it makes the body to increase fat by retaining fluids. Watch this video for more.

Getting rid of cellulite is easy if you control all the above-mentioned habits. Some minor changes in your daily routine and you can prevent the formation of cellulite. Keep these pointers in mind for a healthy and cellulite-free body.

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