Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Standing Pilates Exercises By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob shares standing sequence of pilates to keep the core temperature high in winters.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobPublished at: Nov 21, 2020
Beat The Winter Blues With 5 Standing Pilates Exercises By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

What is the first thing to do, when you wake up in the morning? Pilates expert Vesna Jacob states that "start your day with stretching invention." It is the way that how do you want to start your day, stretching can help in starting a day with a healthy manner or begin with a prayer that is precisely what we do, before starting a workout. Before starting any exercise, focus a little bit on your breathing, clear your mind, release every stress and tension from your body. Set intention what you want to achieve through practice? What is your body able to do? Express gratitude for your body for carrying you and then do your workout. Mindfulness of what you do is also helpful in blowing winter blues as well. Standing sequence of pilates is a kind of awakening as well as warming and a great way to warm it up to improve the balance as well as the core. It will help to improve the winter blues.

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So this would be five exercises

  • Standing hundred: So you start with standing position and begin doing the standing hundred (a classic pilates exercise). This activity is named after the arm's hundred beats made while your head and shoulders off the mat (holding your legs extended).
Curling Down
  • Picking the apples: Now rolling down from the standing position, so you stretch your arms up to go on your toes, imagine you're picking up the apples, so you're really reaching high to the ceiling and then you breathe in you slowly curve down (from all way down to touch the floor).
  • Curling Down: Stay in that deep forward stretch for a bit and then curl up. The last time when you're curling down you bend the knees and go into frog jump position. The curl down is a form of a classical Pilates exercise that gives you a more muscular lower back and core. Curling down also provides you with a flatter and strong abdominal muscles.
frog jumps
  • The frog jumps: So then you come all the way down into the frog and then stretch into the overstretch, so you do that five times, so it's a sequence for the movement that helps kind of help buck up your mood or pick you up for awakening.
  • Inverted V and Cobra: From the frog jump position, woke forward into inverted V and then you do inverted V and cobra for five times. For pilates cobra, lie on your front, turn your legs out, your feet just a touch wider and hip-width apart. Your hands should be face down with fingertips level, and your elbows bent at right angles and breath in.
Inverted V
  • Takeaway Tip: When you woke forward and went up back into the starting position, this should be repeated five times, and you can do five rounds, and then you can start again from flapping with your arms and reaching up picking apples, curling down, so you repeat five times the whole sequence.


Core exercises are a best to do in winter because this is an excellent way for warming up your body and keeping the core temperature high. In winters, you should keep yourselves well hydrated as well as in summer. Also, people stop drinking water in winter thinking that it's colder and they don't need much water. So it's wrong thinking, in winters you need to be hydrated and take care of your skin because the air becomes dryer and you have to give two ways protection of skin. Apply a bit more of coconut oil or ghee because your body needs little extra support in winter. 


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