Strong Core! Know Its Importance In Your Daily Life By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

If you do have a back injury to recover (that in a completed point of time), so you need to work on your core muscles. 

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobPublished at: Nov 07, 2020Updated at: Nov 07, 2020
Strong Core! Know Its Importance In Your Daily Life By Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Strong Core in your daily life makes you able to do activities for a much longer time in a safe manner. It will also enable you to do your daily life activities like long driving hours, picking up something heavy or lifting over a head something heavy or reaching to over something. Usually, these are activities in daily life that lead to back pain and back injury. Core muscles are the entire muscle of the abdomen, which includes deep abdominal muscles of the system. Those are what we call six-pack muscle, but core means the back muscles part of the gluteal muscle and muscle of the pelvic floor. So that is why the core is so important because it depends on the angle, you can talk about in daily life as well as in performance level. You can speak about athlete because a strong core is keeping them much more functional and efficient in the movement.

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Why 'strong core' is essential? A strong core is essential to keep your back safe and prevent some mishappenings. But from the other side, a strong core in terms of performance is what is required to do the more complex movement. It is meant to do the exercises like deep core exercises in a twist without injury, doing jumps, the deep squats jump and doing the balancing. So the core is connecting area in both keeping you injury-free, in the performance and enable you to do more complex movement more safely. 

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Stong core is also essential for women's health: Postpartum, to recover after delivery and also prevent in urinary tract infection. Because when you're working on your core muscles, it is also going to help you to keep your pelvic floor muscles tight and can also help with some issues which happen either postpartum or with the gaining weight. 

Balancing exercise


  • Balancing exercise: It is to check your core muscles or to work on your core, balancing exercises are great because if your core is not fit, you will not able to successfully balance plus doing balancing exercises helps in getting your core stronger. 
  • High Plank Knee to Chest and Twist: Helps in strengthening the core and also if you found this challenging it means your core is not strong so these are like test and exercise. 
  • Push-Ups and Jump Deep Squats: This is a complex movement. The complex where you go from push up position, so you do push up and jump forward in too deep squats. People with knee issues should be careful with it. 
  • Headstand Exercise: It is a great exercise to engage the core and how to make your core stronger by going upside down in headstand full position. 
Jump Deep Squats


So this is how deep the topic is and this usually people think from the core, it is a six-pack, but it's not, it is only one and last aspect of it. The core muscles are many more, and it's not only the top one, but it's everything that is inside, so all the abdominal muscles, back muscles, hip flexes, gluteal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor consist it. 


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