Sour Candies Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Teeth, Know The Reasons

Sour candies are extremely bad for your teeth where they are being compared to battery acid! Don’t let your kids eat these candies or else it might damage their teeth.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 04, 2019
Sour Candies Are Extremely Dangerous For Your Teeth, Know The Reasons

People who eat sour candies presuming them to be better than their sweet versions would get a shock of their life with this article! We all grew up munching candies and a lot of us still keep some in our bag to pop whenever we feel like eating them. But is this a good practice? No. These candies not only damage your teeth but also impact your overall health in various ways.

According to experts, sour candies are as bad for your oral health as battery acid! Shocking, isn’t? But this is true. These candies damage your teeth like an acid. To know all the reasons, go through this article to the end. We are sure that you won’t eat candy after reading this.

These have a high amount of artificial colors

These colorful candies look every bit pleasant which makes us want to eat them. But do you know that these colors are not natural? Artificial colorings are added to these candies to give them a vibrant look that captures the eye of the looker, especially, children. Don’t get fooled by the colors as these artificial products are bad for your complete health. Instead, it is better to consume candies of brands that guarantee natural production.

These have everything bad for teeth

If you think only sugar candies are bad, we are happy to break the bubble for your wellness. These do contain sugar, chemicals and all things dangerous for oral health. These candies are tested to have low pH levels which indicate their acidic nature. Such an amount of acid holds the power to burn your gums and trigger tooth decay. Not just that, this acid might also wear away tooth enamel that would damage your tooth over time.

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Negatively impact brain health

Candies do affect your brain functions. The low-quality contents, chemicals, acidic nature all are bad for your brain. When a person eats sour candy, their tongue releases a chemical that gets mixed with the chemicals of the candy and creates disastrous consequences. Those who eat them on a regular basis would definitely have to suffer from a lot of complications such as poor brain functions, memory loss, etc.

Raises blood pressure

As per WHO, Sour candies contain an active ingredient named glycyrrhizic acid which triggers hypertension, blood pressure in the body of the person. It would lead to brain swelling in the worst case.

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Cause blisters and seizures on the tongue

Some researchers have claimed that consuming these sour candies damages the tongue causing blisters and even seizures. Which is why it is advised to prevent your children from eating these regularly. Instead, you should teach them to eat healthy things like fruits and dates which are not only nutritious but tasty and good for their growth.

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