Are You Jogging Correctly? Check Out These Signs For Incorrect Jogging

Are you jogging correctly? Here are some things that you might be experiencing which indicate that something is not right with your jogging.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 18, 2019Updated at: Dec 18, 2019
Are You Jogging Correctly? Check Out These Signs For Incorrect Jogging

Only the right shoes aren’t sufficient for jogging, you need to jog correctly to achieve your fitness goals. If you are new to jogging then chances are that you might commit some common mistakes that may affect your health. Jogging incorrectly wouldn’t produce the desired results instead it will leave you with paining neck and aching feet. It is important to pull through the initial discomfort if you’ve just started jogging. Here are some signs that show something is not right with your jogging and work on them.

Sore Neck

Do you have a habit of looking down while jogging? Change this now. You must look upwards on the horizon while jogging or running to prevent unnecessary strain on your neck. Doing this consecutively would make your neck stiff and sore giving rise to pain.

sore neck

You always gasp your air

This is most commonly faced by new runners where they face difficulty in catching a breath while running. As this is something new to your body, this is normal but it should subside in a few days. If it persists, you might be jogging incorrectly. You must breathe correctly during the run to avoid this situation in the future.

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Knee pain

Seasoned or new runners complain about knee pain the most. There are several reasons which this is happening:

  • Ill-fitting shoes
  • As you run, your knees fall inwards
  • Weak glute muscles

To ward off this pain, first, check if your shoes fit perfectly. Then, see if your knees are in their normal position when you run. Thirdly, practice glute strengthening exercises. Buy Reebok Running Shoes from Amazon at the discounted rates by clicking here.

jogging knee pain

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Hurting feet

If your feet hurt every time you go for a run, then there is definitely something wrong with your jogging. This could either be your shoes or your posture. New joggers fail to find the right running shoes which are why they often suffer from pain in the feet and ankles.

There are two rules for running shoes:

  • Always wear one size up shoes
  • Change your shoes at frequent intervals

Your legs or sides cramp

Many people stop jogging as their legs start to cramp. This is due to dehydration, poor breathing, etc. This is a normal problem that can be easily avoided by changing some habits. Drink water before and after jog to hydrate the body. Make this a habit as it will not only help you jog better but would also improve your skin.

jogging correctly

Jogging before bed

There is a debate on what is the best time to work out- morning or evening? While it depends on a person’s body, experts believe that early morning workout is the best. If you jog in the evening or night, you need to reconsider it and start the habit of jogging in the morning. Morning exercising is beneficial for health as it is found to improve sleep, regulate blood pressure and a better mood throughout the day.

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