Can Smelling Good Kill You? Here Are Some Side Effects Of Using Perfumes

Smelling Good can Kill You: The Health Hazards of Using Perfumes

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Aug 25, 2020 18:49 IST
Can Smelling Good Kill You? Here Are Some Side Effects Of Using Perfumes

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Wearing your desired perfume before you step out of the home is a necessity. But your preferred scent may be contributing to many health problems. Perfumes and fragrances have been known to add to the development of watery eyes or sneezing (mild allergies). But, the smells which have chemical content in them can bring sessions of contact dermatitis, a disease which causes the skin to become sore, red, or inflamed on coming in direct touch with a substance can cause depression.

The Harmful Effects Of Perfume

  • Besides causing general inflammation, your scent can also be liable for causing dermatitis. In some critical cases, cosmetic contact dermatitis can cause eczema, which is a persistent skin disease known by itchy rashes. Although not many people experience from such hazardous side-effects, people who like to use perfumes must be cautious about the biochemical content of the smell. 
  • However, the most critical health problem is endured by the two per cent people of the people who are chemically intolerant. Their high chemical irritation can damage them from moving out of the edge of their home because the artificial particle in the smells can make them develop depressive disorders or have panic attacks, declared recent research conducted at Texas family medicine practices.

  • Dr Susannah Baron, the consultant dermatologist at BMI Chaucer Hospital and Canterbury Hospital (Kent), said that while the number of allergy cases is on the rise, so are the number of scented products. Baron added that perfume anaphylaxis as contact flare-up of existing eczema or dermatitis comes up at the place where a perfumed product is used.

What Does The Statistics say?

  • According to the estimates, almost one in ten people have an ongoing allergic reaction to chemicals found in fragrances. But, due to increased use of scents, whether in the form of scented candles or in the way of fresheners, the allergies are developing with as many as fifty-five per cent people testing positive for at least one allergen.
  • A record from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in partnership with Environmental Working Group found fourteen possibly toxic substances that were not listed on perfume product labels. So, check the name next time you pick the bottle of your favourite perfume.
  • As per a new report, air fresheners, scented candles, and other such perfumed products may expose a person to migraine and asthma (adverse health effects). The report recommended that scented products may cause allergies, migraine, asthma and even one’s sexual urge. Almost 1/3rd of the people exposed to odours in the form of particles in the smells suffer from health consequences as these particles trigger the immune response causing cracked, scaly, skin and itchiness.


Two studies conducted by Anne Steinemann, professor of environmental, civil engineering and public affairs at the University of Washington were cited for having found more than thirty per cent of recorded adverse health consequences arising from being imperilled to scents in everyday life. Steinemann said that while adding scent means cleanliness, and one is exposing herself or himself to a considerably more significant problem, i.e. throwing poisonous substances in the air.

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