What Causes Shoulder Dislocation? Know These Symptoms And Treatment Methods

Shoulder dislocation can be very painful. Know what are the causes and treatment methods available.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 13, 2021Updated at: Jul 13, 2021
What Causes Shoulder Dislocation? Know These Symptoms And Treatment Methods

A shoulder injury can be very painful and can affect other parts of the body as well. If you have a serious shoulder injury, then you may have difficulty in performing your daily tasks which involve movement of hands and shoulder. Sometimes, these injuries or jerks increase and lead to shoulder dislocation which needs urgent medical care. The shoulder of the body considered one of the most movable joint and hence is vulnerable to dislocation. If it is not treated properly, then you may have multiple dislocations in your shoulder throughout your life. It is not that this condition can is most likely to occur at a particular age, person of any age can face this issue. Today, we will know about affect of shoulder dislocation on our body. 

What Causes Shoulder Dislocation?

Dr. Abhinav Nayak, Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow explains the major causes of shoulder dislocation. According to him, shoulder dislocation cases are very common. This is because the shoulder joint is quite susceptible to dislocation. Small kids get their shoulder dislocated while playing, adults while doing some physical task or in gymnasium sometimes and older adults due to any jerk or injury. Shoulder dislocation can occur in any direction, forward, backwards or downwards. It can be complete dislocation and sometimes partial dislocation. Hence, you never know with your shoulder and tissues present there.


Common Conditions Leading to Shoulder Dislocation

This condition occurs because of many causes but the major result which happens is that shoulder joint can dislocate your upper arm bone from the socket. The most common cases of shoulder dislocation are because of the following:

Falls- If a person trips from a ladder or any place and falls on the floor from a height, then it can cause a shoulder dislocation. In India, this is a very common cause because people do not use proper equipments most of the time.

Sports Injuries- Sports is a very obvious factor leading to this condition because activities that involve falls or rugged behaviour have tendency to cause dislocation. Hence shoulder dislocation is a common injury in football, hockey, gymnastics and volleyball etc. 

Accident- This can be very unfortunate and lead to serious shoulder dislocation. A hard blow to your shoulder in any accident can cause harm to your body and affect your shoulder adversely.

Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation 

In normal cases, you will know if your shoulder gets dislocated as it causes terrible pain and restricts your movement. But even if you do not discover it initially, here are some signs and symptoms that you must be aware of. 

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Intense pain
  • Inability to move your shoulder or hands
  • Visible change in formation of shoulder


What are the Treatment Methods Available for Shoulder Dislocation?

1. Closed Reduction 

This is a method in which your orthopaedic doctor may try some gentle movements with your shoulder to bring it back to place. Closed reduction is used to treat a person when there is partial dislocation in the shoulder. It also depends on the amount of swelling or pain the person has. In most cases a relaxing sedative is given to the person before your shoulder bones are treated and movement is done. This is because, movement of shoulder while it is dislocated can be very painful for the person and he may not be able to combat the pain. 

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2. Immobilization

This is a treatment method in which a splint or sling is used to restrict the movement. This process is called immobilization. This treatment option is opted by the doctor when there are chances of recovery without going for proper surgery. Splint is used to restrict the movement of the shoulder and to allow proper recovery of the displaced shoulder to its original position. The period of being on splint depends on your severity of dislocation and time of recovery. Normally it is placed for 2-3 three weeks and checked again. The earlier splint is put, the better are chances of recovery.

3. Medication

Medications are not actual treatment for this condition but they provide relief to the patient. Medicines like pain relievers or muscle relaxants are given to the patients to ease their living conditions. Medicines help in comforting the person while the treatment is going on. 

4. Surgery

Surgery is only done or recommended to a person if he has weak shoulder or the ligament and tendon does not support the other treatment methods. When a person suffers from reoccurring shoulder location time and again, then the orthopaedic surgeon operates it. Surgery is taken as the last option because there is a risk of blood clot or side-effects. Surgery is mostly needed during a shoulder location when the person has suffered a accident or severity in shoulder.

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5. Rehabilitation

Rehab program is a treatment method which is scheduled after splint is removed from your shoulder. Rehabilitation is advised to regularize your movement of shoulder by variety of activities or massage etc. It restores strength in your shoulder muscles and provides stability to the shoulder joint. Rehab makes your body and shoulder to perform your daily tasks efficiently again.


Shoulder dislocation can be very painful condition. It usually occurs because of sports activities, injury, accidents or sudden jerks etc. Since the shoulder joint is one of the most movable joint, tendency of it to dislocate also increases. Shoulder dislocation can happen in any direction and can be both partial and complete dislocation. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice symptoms of this condition and get yourself treated. There are various treatment options available depending on the severity and type of shoulder dislocation. You can go for rehab program for developing your muscle strength again and to bring back efficiency of your shoulders.

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