Reformer Pilates Body Transformation: Know Why This Workout Is Popular Among Professional Athletes

Learn why reformer pilates is so famous and have many users, ranging from recovery patients to athletes and movie stars. 

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Feb 20, 2021 17:28 IST
Reformer Pilates Body Transformation: Know Why This Workout Is Popular Among Professional Athletes

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Does reformer pilates tone your body? Reformer pilates is the most recognisable and the most famous piece of Pilates equipment. It is usually that is what you associate with pilates equipment when you think. Pilates make many pieces of equipment, but somehow, a pretty much reformer has one movable part on the top called the carriage (and carriage is batch to the set of springs). You can adjust the carriage depending on what is it you doing and how strong you are! Now usually, the most common way you use a reformer and you lie down on it. Then you're either pushing against the foot bar with the springs so that way it is almost like doing squats, crunches, the movement engaging lower body without any stress to the joints because you're lying down and doing exercise. Then you're using springs or ropes, which you can use arms or legs movements and then an addiction to that when reformer is much more fun and athletic. 

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Why is reformer pilates so popular among professional athletes?

reformer pilates

You can use the reformer pilates while sitting, standing, facing, leaning, backfoot or side waist. That is what makes it super unique because you can keep changing your position, and that way, not only adjusting the intensity by using heavier springs but also at the same time by changing your position. This is why it is so popular cause when you lie down, and when you have your feet in the rope, it creates an immediate chain reaction. Even if you have a back issue, neck issue or even a knee issue, it makes a safe base, a rapid chain reaction, and is safe to use. So you can use integrate as a rehabilitative tool because it can progress in need of stronger in a much quicker time. At the same time, spending or doing things with one leg or the imbalance is essential to check your fitness level, and that's why it is popular with professional athletes.

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Reformer Pilates for toning the body

 toning the body

  • Usually, you can go to line position pressing against doing footwork. You get into the rope work with arms and legs and end up standing and stretching depending on the users' profession. 
  • You do sets of exercises, and you change positions. Hence, they push you to use with legs to warm up is called footwork, and you progress so the rope work where you do the rope exercises, i.e. pushing, pulling.
  • You're doing with sub joints, then you move, and you're doing arm movement where you push the arms down to the sidearm circle, then progress the standing exercise, from kneeling first, so all of that is certain.
  • Do 4-5 activities in each position, and then you move to others. So that is toning the body lower upper and the core at the same time, and it's getting progressive and warming up. 
Takeaway Tip:  Everybody can do reformer pilates regardless of their fitness levels. It is up to the skills of teacher to how to modify the energy for each user. 

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