Aerial Pilates Vs Aerial Yoga: Know Similarities And Differences Between The Two

Aerial Pilates Vs Aerial Yoga: Are these two similar or totally different from each other? Explains our Pilates Expert Vesna Jacob

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobUpdated at: Jan 30, 2021 18:45 IST
Aerial Pilates Vs Aerial Yoga: Know Similarities And Differences Between The Two

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Aerial Yoga Vs Aerial Pilates: Aerial Pilates focuses on more dynamic and more core strengthening movement, which is more reachable than rehabilitation and development uniforms and healthy bodies. Meanwhile, aerial yoga to ends up in meditating and reaching a more in-depth level of self. Aerial yoga is more about relaxing and releasing and realigning by pilates will be focusing more on physical aspects of the body and training the body to be more balanced and functionally healthy. Aerial pilates allows us to go in inversion because most of the people are struggling with pilates exercises which are balancing on shoulders and your legs like exercising bicycle or bridge or going into inverted V. After all, they put a lot of stress on shoulders and neck which can lead injuries or people end up not doing correctly or some exercise which can cause and create more tension in the back. 

Benefits of aerial pilates 

Benefits of aerial pilates

When you're using the silk (also known as a hammock) because you have a physical assistant which kind of help you work along with the gravity and more necessary to fight it, it helps you reach the more in-depth and safer position in a much easier way. So you can work on your posture and alignment without pressing the body unnecessarily and at the same time, you can also kind of have fun with the positions and even enjoyably do more advance movement. 

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Aerial Yoga vs Aerial Pilates: Vesna Jacob's take on this

Benefits of aerial pilates

"My thing is always pilates, even though cocoon which is positionally poured from yoga, I find it as a movement of really suiting which is pretty much you lye down in that hammock and kind of wrap yourself inside the silk. You lie down and cover yourself, so you are literally like a cocoon which is so soothing because then you just lay down and close your eyes you meditate while lying and while you are slightly swinging with the silk, so that would be my yoga sake but otherwise but I would always prefer pilates" says Vesna Jacob.

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Similarities And Differences Between Aerial Yoga and Aerial Pilates  

  • There are more similarities than differences. You cannot separate anyone from others because specific posture and positions are going to be the same. After all, you can move your body in so many ways.
  • Now the thing is going to be probably differentiated is going to be how you cut it? How much slow or fast you are moving or how much attention you are observing on the breathing? What is the background the sound and some music, is what pilates is going to be?
Aerial Yoga
  • Breathe in slow, come and exhale and tighten the core. You are going to be relaxing the pose enjoy the way your body feels and open, you know, so that's how the end of the pilates and we are going to move 1, 2, 3, 4 connect, engage and let's go 2, 3, 4, 5 so this is a kind of flow.
  • How yoga will bring your attention more to the inward, observe what is happening with your body, release the parts that create tension, and try to breathe in the details that are feeling tense.
  • Rather than the postures and poses; the more differentiated will be in the rhythm of the curing of the seed of the exercise, and of course where do you want to focus of that particular exercise to be. 

Takeaway Tip: This is also great for the people who have neck or back problems because it can help these areas be released safely.

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