Practice Aerial Yoga for Weight Loss and a Healthy Body

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Mar 27, 2018
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  • Aerial yoga is widely popular as antigravity yoga
  • You can attempt all yoga poses in aerial yoga
  • Aerial yoga can increase the endorphin levels

As far as fitness is concerned, every second day world is witnessing innovations and aerial yoga is one of them. This is a fun way of working out along with a wonderful way of staying in shape. Yes, aerial yoga is deemed to be beneficial for weight loss and not just weight loss but a great body as well. Came to existence decades ago, aerial yoga is gaining popularity in both Indian and western culture. Experts state that just 30 minutes of aerial yoga can help one get healthy mind and body along with losing weight.

What is Aerial Yoga Exactly?

Aerial yoga is widely popular as antigravity yoga. It is a very unusual yet fun form of yoga. In aerial yoga, you make use of silk fabric and with a combination of basic yoga and dance forms like pilates, gymnastics and acrobatics. As per experts, aerial yoga allows one to workout with fun, and fun is an essential part of any form of workout. There are certain poses that could be very difficult to attempt without proper training and guidance, like headstand and handstands.

How You Can Do it?

You will need a soft fabric, a structural fabric that you will have to hang at some height, so that you can try different yoga poses. The suspension allows you to try various yoga poses with more ease than you can have in any normal yoga form on floor. Your tailbone will have support and you can attempt wheel pose with your back bent without any difficulty. Yoga expert says, “Aerial yoga helps you move freely with less effort by counteracting gravity,”

What are all the Health Benefits You Get?

  • This form of suspended yoga fortifies the core muscles, improves shoulder and spinal flexibility and helps you get rid of back strain
  • The suspension in the air helps you loosen the tension in the bones and muscles make you more flexible and deepen your practice
  • It allows you to have a positive alignment to your body
  • Aerial yoga can increase the endorphin levels that can allow you to have reduced stress level
  • You can have an improved cardiovascular health
  • Deep stretching can regulate the blood and oxygen in your body, improving blood and oxygen circulation
  • Aerial yoga helps you release all the tension in your muscles, promoting body and mind connection

How Does it Help to Lose Weight?

As per the experts, aerial yoga challenges you to engage all your muscles to attempt yoga poses in the air while hanging with suspensions, which is quite a task. This practice helps you to tone up and lean down your muscles while burning your body fat. You can attempt all yoga poses, from sun salutation to chair pose, you can do it all with a suspension and burn more calories than you will in normal yoga.

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