What Pilates To Do If You Have Knee Pain? Know From Expert

Here are some easy Pilates exercises by Pilates expert Vesna Jacob with an elastic band to aid knee pain without triggering the injury. 

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobPublished at: Feb 06, 2021Updated at: Feb 06, 2021
What Pilates To Do If You Have Knee Pain? Know From Expert

If you think you cannot exercise with knee pain, you are wrong. There are several pilates exercises that help in alleviating knee pain while exercising the core muscles. Pilates doesn’t necessarily focus on the limbs. The way Pilates works is by strengthening the cord, the hips, the glutes and then it realigns and kind of trickles down the realigning to help the knees. There are quite a few exercises that help in strengthening the muscles and quadriceps to help with knee stability. 

Why do knee problems occur?

The problem with the knee is that usually it is not exposed. It is a joint which is stuck between the two structures- the foot and the hip. Most of the knee-related problems occur because there is either an issue with the foot or the hip and the knee is stuck in between. The hip is connected to the spine and it is also a part of the pelvic region whereas the foot is connected to the ground. The knee is free in the middle. Therefore, the imbalances in the foot and/or in the hip triggers knee pain.

Pilates For Knee Pain 

knee pain exercises

Elastic Band Exercise While Lying Down

  • Lie on the ground and one foot is rested on the ground while the other is used in exercises.
  • Put the center of the elastic band on the other foot and hold the ends of the band with your hands.
  • Now, bring your knee to the chest while stretching the leg out.

By using the band, you are the progressive resistance. This helps in giving stability to the legs so that you are strengthening the muscles while not putting a strain on the knee or creating any jerks.

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Leg extensions

pilates for knee pain

  • The second exercise is with a straight leg with the elastic band.
  • Tie the band in one leg and keep it straight.
  • Now move the other leg up and down.
  • Bring your knees to the chest and then extend the leg.
  • Now, take the leg backward and extend your hands to balance the body.

NOTE: You can also use dumbbells while doing this exercise once your knees get better.

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Standing Position

pilates for knees

  • Now tie the elastic band to something sturdy and immovable object(like a bed or something heavier) that can hold the band and the weight.
  • We put the leg on the side and in the beginning, we will put the band above the knee. Now, lift the other leg. This is leg balance.
  • Now, from this position, we are going to reaching out where we stretch the arms and move our upper body forward.
  • Stretch the leg back so the entire body is parallel to the floor. 
  • From the balance position, we have moved to the parallel position. 
  • Now we will put the band on the outer leg and stretching the muscle so that the band is now pulling you from the outside.

All of these exercises are helpful because the band is pulling and helping to stabilise the knee and working smaller muscle groups which in turn, strengthens the knee and helps with the pain. Once your knee pain is improved, you can practice the same exercises while placing the elastic band on the ankle. 

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