Reduce the Effects of Stress

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Apr 04, 2012

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Reduce the Effects of Stress

Reduction in the effect of stress is of great significance for preventing health complications. Stress is usually defined as response to daily activities, which is also being linked with fatal ailments such as heart disease, cancer, lung concerns, suicide and accidents. Some of the experts also identify stress as an indicator of wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Getting caught in some situation or inability to manage some task is one of the situations to reflect negative stress. Stress could be physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural in nature, which needs to be calmed down to avert several stress related health ailments. The likelihood of developing a health problem becomes higher in a condition of prolonged stress.

Ways to Reduce Stress Effects

1. Take a Break to Break your Routine

Taking time out of your daily schedule for recreation, or a leisure vacation is an effective stress buster.

  • Breaking the schedule takes off anxiety from mind and provides much-needed peace to the mind.
  • Break gives you enough time to rest without getting worried for work.
  • Moreover, you can break your sleep pattern of limited sleep and enjoy sound sleep of 8-10 hours.
  • With all the time on your side, you can switch to healthy eating options for betterment of health.

2. Don’t Avoid

Most of the individuals living with stress complain of time constraint. This is also their reason of avoiding the situation. Stress gets better along with its complications if ignored. Therefore, one needs to manage time in order to keep away from stress and its effects. Time-management involves setting priorities, keeping pace and taking time out for self.

3. Physical Activity

Getting involved in physical activities, either by simple exercising methods or by participating in sports/games provides relief from stress. Physical activities should be made a part of life in order to keep stress at bay.

4. Share your Concerns

Expressing yourself with someone you trust takes gives relief to your mind. Keep things to self will surely affect. Alternatively, you can also a note of things bothering you along with daily activities.

5. Talk to Yourself

Another way of claiming peace is talking to self. This can be best done by facing mirror and telling self to calm, peace and confronting you.

6. Develop Reading Habit

Look for a literary subject that interests you. Pick up a book, connect with its characters and discover several aspects.


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