Do You Take Pre-Workout Supplements? Know Effects And Potential Risk Factors Of Consuming These Supplements

Pre-workout supplements boost your energy levels but have a negative impact on health. Here are the potential risk factors you should know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jul 25, 2021 13:30 IST
Do You Take Pre-Workout Supplements? Know Effects And Potential Risk Factors Of Consuming These Supplements

Workout and exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining our physical and emotional health. It gives boost to body functions and also maintains balance between demand and consumption of calories. Often it is recommended to do a pre-workout session before jumping onto some intense workout exercises. This is because your body needs to warm up so that muscles react to your movements smoothly. If pre-workout is not done, then there are chances of muscle pull, fatigue, strains etc. But people also end up taking additional pre-workout supplements which enhance their performance even though they may not be very healthy. Hence today let us understand the negative impact of pre-workouts supplements in the performance and how does it affect out body. We will also discuss about potential risks of pre-workout supplements.

Pre-workouts Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are dietary supplements that are taken by people to enhance their performance on the field or gym. It allows them to increase their stamina and capacity to perform a particular activity. Mr. Eram Rizvi, Certified Gym Trainer from Dronacharya Gym, Noida explains working of these supplements. He says these supplements basically increase the blood flow in the body that results to more energy flow in muscles and vessels which improves performance levels. Most of the supplements contain caffeine which enhances energy levels in the body. However these energy boosting supplements are not always healthy for the body. 


There are two factors involve in this. One is that you try to take excessive amount of dietary supplements to boost performance or taking supplements that contain drugs which increase your potential to another level. Players, sportsperson and people going to gym are majority consumers of pre-workout supplements. Hence it is always advised to recommend your physical trainer or medical expert before consuming these workout supplements. 

How Does Pre-workout Supplements Affect Your Body?

Pre-workout supplements are meant to increase blood flow in the blood vessels and muscles that improves outright performance of the person. These supplements which are mostly in powdered form dilute in your blood stream and affect the overall health of the person. It contains arginine and caffeine that makes the person more energetic to perform high-intensity task without getting tired. Creatine is also used a pre-workout supplement, which is consumed by adding water or juice to it. Worse are capsules which affect your brain function and nervous response as well. 


Different types of supplements support different functions and it is hard to tell a particular affect on body. These pre-workout supplements can affect your heart, kidney function, brain function, nervous response and make your muscles and bones weak faster. Mostly sports drinks that contain supplements are balanced in the manner that it does not affect your health and performance to extreme levels. 

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Common Ingredients used in Pre-workout Supplements

  • Caffeine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Tyrosine
  • Taurine
  • Creatine
  • Arginine 
  • Niacin

All these ingredients are used in making pre-workout supplements. However most of these are not harmful to the body if taken in recommended quantity individually. But combination of these substances, added flavors, artificial sweeteners and excessive quantity of these supplements make the situation worse for any person.


Potential Risk of Taking Pre-workout Supplements

Until you are taking prescribed supplements in minimal quantity recommended, pre-workout supplements can be fairly safe. Although it is best to have dietary supplements from your natural diet rather than additional substances added to it. If you do not follow the recommended amount, these are the potential risks; you are putting yourself into- 

1. Caffeine Toxicity 

Caffeine can be harmful to your health if taken in excessive amounts. Normally we take in caffeine through coffee or tea which is a very mild dose and does not affect the body in harmful manner. However, if you take supplements, then caffeine is present in concentrated amount that puts your body at risk. Excessive consumption of caffeine through pre-workout supplements can increase the risk of following health conditions-


Women are at higher risk for this as compared to men. Side-effects of caffeine consumptions due to pre-workout supplements also cause abnormality in behavior. 

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2. Niacin Toxicity

Niacin is also dangerous at high doses. It causes many types of allergies and reactions on the body. Niacin consumption can also damage your liver gradually if you have 3 grams of more than that of niacin per day. Normally body can take up 30 mg of niacin that remains harmless to your health. If your supplements have niacin, check the amount and dose you need to take, consult an expert for this. Here are some potential risks from consuming excessive niacin in pre-workout supplements-

  • Severely low blood pressure
  • Multiple organ failure
  • Liver damage or liver failure
  • Itchiness and redness of skin


Pre-workout supplements have become quite common and people consume it before heavy workout, gym or sports activities to increase their performance. However there are only few supplements that are considered safe for use and that too in regulated amount. But many people ignore the warning and take heavy supplements that harm their body. Here are some ingredients you should avoid taking in excessive amount. Other than these, most of the pre-workout supplements used in excessive amount have long term affect on the body. Most of these supplements are forbidden for consumption in any sports competition. Hence it is best to stick to regular diet and natural food supplements that are more healthy and beneficial for your body. Pre-workout supplements are only to be taken under the advice of medical expert or trainer who is certified in sports medicine. 

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