7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Double chin can spoil your looks and face structure. Here are 7 exercises through which you can get rid of double chin

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 11, 2021Updated at: Jul 11, 2021
7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Pictures and selfies have become such a normal part of our everyday life. We often do not even realise while taking a picture that there wasn’t a thing like that few years down the line. People nowadays are very concerned about their face structure and everyone wants to have a clear jaw line. Double chin is caused due to excess of fat near the chin and jaw of the person. Jaw line gets a sharp look on your face which is said to be ideal and attractive. There are different methods and treatments which have now become popular after everyone giving so much importance to face structure. Even after all those methods one simple method to bring it to shape is through exercise. Yes, there are some exercises for your jaw to cut excess fat around your chin area and make you look sharp and attractive. 


What Causes Double Chin?

Normally double chin can occur due to multiple reasons. It can be due to excess fat, poor posture, ageing, genetic or facial structure. It is possible that some of these reasons are not in our control and hence we cannot push it hard. But we can try to make efforts by doing some exercises for the chin and face that may reduce the double chin. It can improve at a faster rate if there are few lifestyle changes involved as well which aids these exercises.

Exercises To Reduce Double Chin

1. Lower Jaw Push

This is a basic exercise that keeps your jaw engaged which burns excess fat from your jaw line and chin area. In this you need to move your lower jaw forwards and backward. Your chin should be raised and neck straight. Repeat this exercise in 3 set 10 times each.

2. Face Lift Exercise

This exercise is meant to tighten muscles around your upper lips. This helps in giving a good shape to your face and prevents sagging. To do this exercise, open your mouth wide and then flare your nostrils. Hold in this position for around 10 seconds and then relax your jaw. Do not hold too hard as it may then start hurting.


3. Chewing Exercise

This might not be a textbook exercise but it is one of the most recommended exercises for reducing your double chin. Chewing a gum or some consumable item for particular period of time multiple times in a day can significantly improve under-chin fat. This is because while chewing our jaw is in continuous motion which reduces the extra fat in that area. This also helps to strengthen the jaw muscles while you lift your chin every now and then.

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4. Tongue Roll

This exercise improves the structure of your face and makes it little sharp. This exercise is done by keeping your head straight, roll and then stretch your tongue towards your nose. Hold your tongue for around 10 seconds and then bring it back inside. Repeat this exercise after every 10 second break. You can do it until you start feeling exhausted to tired.


5. Fish Face exercise

Well, this exercise is basically like a pout. Doing this exercise regularly can reduce your double chin and also makes your cheeks look thin. It is a great exercise for those who want a good pout pose while taking pictures. For this you just need to such your cheeks in and hold it for 30 seconds. Relax your cheek muscles for 10 seconds and repeat it again 4-5 times. Making it more simple just remain in pout position for 30 seconds and relax, then repeat.

6. Simha Mudra

This is a yogic exercise that is helpful in reducing chin fat and all the excess fat from your face. It makes your face look sharper and helps you get rid of double chin in a shorter period of time. It is a very effective exercise for double chin. For this exercise you need to keep your head straight, now kneel down with legs folded behind. Place your palms on your thighs and then stretch your tongue as much as possible. Do not strain it too much though. Now take a deep breath and roar while exhaling. Do this exercise in the repetition around 4-5 times for effectiveness.

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7. Giraffe Exercise

This is also a very basic and simple exercise for reducing your lower chin fat. It has been long there and also one of the most effective exercises for reducing double chin. For this you can sit in a comfortable position, and then look straight. Place your palm at the nape of neck for support and push it downwards. Then tilt your head backwards and bend your neck so that it touches your chest with chin. Repeat this process 2-3 times in a day.

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