Is Your Body Posture Correct? Know About The 12 Health Problems That Can Arise Due To Bad Posture

Poor Body posture can result in much health-related issues, which can later turn into serious diseases or cause discomfort to your body.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Mar 20, 2021 13:00 IST
Is Your Body Posture Correct? Know About The 12 Health Problems That Can Arise Due To Bad Posture

Do you often feel pain in your back, neck and different parts of your body? If yes, then a major cause of that pain may be poor posture in which you are performing your tasks. Our body posture is much more than what we casually take it to be. Our body is just like a machine that needs proper care and handling. Similarly, body posture is also an integral part of working.   

Correct body posture is important while performing our daily tasks and otherwise, too. Even when you sit, sleep or relax, correct body posture is necessary. Body posture can be defined as the ideal position of doing any work which is most suitable for your body. The correct position may not feel very comfortable at first if you don’t have a habit but is beneficial in the long term.   

How Can Poor Body Posture Harm You?  

You must have heard your parents telling you to sit straight, stand properly, etc. but it does have some scientific reason behind it. Physiotherapist Dr Eram Rizvi, BPT in LDA Stadium, Lucknow, explains how sitting or standing in the wrong posture can lead to several health problems. “It can cause basic discomfort to the body and negative health conditions, which can turn severe with the age factor. It all starts with laziness, mostly. People often take a bad posture, thinking they are comfortable in that position, but it later has adverse effects. The spinal cord is mostly affected by sitting in the wrong posture, which can later turn to be a nightmare.”  


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Daily regular exercises should be a must if you want to keep your body in shape in these busy times. Here are some problems related to poor postures and their consequences which can be harmful to your body:  

Negative Effects of Poor Body Posture  

Listed below are 12 health concerns that could arise due to a poor body posture.   

1) Spine Curvature  

The spine is the main bone that supports our body and keeps it in shape. The proper aligned body has ‘S’ shape structure which is ideal for the body. Over time if you are standing in an incorrect posture, it leads to change in shape, provided if put an excessive amount of pressure in the wrong position. Our spinal cord is however designed to absorb shock, but poor posture can deteriorate its natural ability.   

2) Forward Head Posture  

It is a very common condition where the head aligned forward from its natural position. This happens due to working on something with deep concentration for an hour or keeping your head forward aligned for long hours continuously. Ideally head should be in equal position as you neck. This poor posture can lead to musculoskeletal dysfunctions impacting various systems of the body. Forward Head Posture can also tighten some muscles and cause severe neck pain or muscle strain.   

3) Disrupted Digestion  

Some of you may be wondering how poor posture can affect digestion. Let me tell you those people who work for long hours and stay on desk most of the day can develop disrupted digestion. Basically, neglecting to pay proper attention in the position you sit can compress your organ, which can slow the digestive process and can cause stomach issues.   

4) Fatigue  

Poor posture can also affect your energy levels as well. According to poor posture, we add tension and compression structure which shouldn’t have been there. These stresses together build up over the time and cause wear and tear of the muscles. Fatigue occurs due to continuous poor posture and strain, good posture, movement and gait can improve our energy efficiency.

5) Poor Blood circulation  

When you sit in a poor posture all day then your body is declined of necessary circulation it needs. This can cause varicose veins, which can put your health on risk. The best way is to change your posture time to time and prevent such serious health issues.  

6) Back Pain  

One of the very common problem which people complain of is Back Pain. This health issue is majorly caused due to poor posture and is often not taken seriously. Slouching forward puts pressure on your shoulder blades and cause problems in your back muscles. If there is pain in your lower back, then most probably you are not likely sitting in the correct posture.  


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7) Incontinence  

This poor posture problem occurs due to lack of voluntary control. Surprisingly it can happen due to sitting in awkward or wrong posture. Sitting in an lazy posture increases the pressure on abdomen which in turn puts pressure on the bladder. So when you laugh loud or cough hard, then there is a little urine leakage.  

8) Jaw Pain  

Poor posture of jaw can be a reason of problems which happen in the neck, shoulder and lower jawbone. All this can affect in Jaw pain which will cause trouble while you are having food. This type of poor posture is called Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. This syndrome can cause improper bite pattern, affecting the joints that connect your lower jawbone to the temporal bones of your skull.  

9) Breathing Problem  

The diaphragm needs proper space in the thoracic cavity to properly release and contract with each breathe. Sometimes, if the posture is not correct then it can misalign the capacity of your diaphragm to contract and expand. This can result to heaviness and breathing efficacy. Your ability to breathe optimally is boosted when your body is lightened in a proper alignment.   

10) Sexual Function  

Had to admit but having poor posture can result to poor sexual performance. Having poor posture while sitting (with round back) can affect your sexual life. This is because the wrong posture shortens or tightens the pelvic floor muscles. If these muscles go weak due to wrong posture then it is possible that you won’t be able to exert pressure and strength. End result of which can be weak or nonexistent orgasms.   

11) Constipation  

Poor posture on a toilet can result to constipation. The sitting posture- hunched over the knees can semi-block the anus due to which it would be harder for the abdominal muscles to move the feces out. There can be three types of constipation due to poor posture- dry stools, straining to move the bowels and a sense of incomplete emptiness of stomach.    

12) Exacerbating Arthritis  

Poor posture can lead to a major misalignment of your spine or knees which can cause arthritis. It is the increased tress on your knees and spine which causes Arthritis. Over the time it can get even worse as one joint will have to take more pressure which can subdue the function of the body totally.  


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There are many wrong postures which we assume to be correct or sometimes ignore the importance of correct body posture. But as a matter of fact there are many problems which are connected to incorrect body posture and can rise to severe health issues if not acknowledged. Neck pain, Back pain, Arthritis, Constipation etc are to name a few. This can be improved if you start using proper correct body postures. In case of excessive problems, physiotherapy can help a lot.      

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