Do These 5 Pilates To Strengthen Legs and Glutes

Glutes are important muscle groups especially if you like to stay fit. Here are five pilates exercises to strengthen legs and glutes.

Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobPublished at: Jul 24, 2021Updated at: Jul 24, 2021
Do These 5 Pilates To Strengthen Legs and Glutes

Pilates is a great way to develop long and lean muscles unlike other exercise forms  that are done in standing positions including squats, lunges, etc. These exercises do tone your legs but at the same time, they also increase the size of muscles and can give you a little more bulkier look. Pilates leg series is  meant to lean the legs and make them look long and toned. This is why it is the most preferred form by most people and particularly those who require to look lean and presentable such as belly dancers. 

The exercises are done on the side of the body. Pilates reformer also has a great exercises for the legs but here we are focusing on the movements that can easily done by anyone at home without requiring equipment. One can use a miniband, theraband or ankle weight to add a little bit of resistance. However, in the beginning, one does not need anything. Just the weight of legs with gravity is sufficient in providing the needful resistance.

Pilates for Legs and Glutes 

Beginners should start with a lower leg bend and the top leg stretched out. While the position for more advanced practitioners would be with both legs stretched out. Other than that, all exercises are the same regardless that a beginner should start with lower leg stretched out and someone who has a practice in leg workout can do both legs stretch. 

Pilates for legs and glutes

You are not creating necessary a straight line with the body but your leg is little bit in front of you. Lower leg is flexed and lower heel is lifted. Also, lower leg throughout the exercise is also tight and working. So, it is not just that you lie down and you are done. At the same time, throughout the exercise, you must try to pull your stomach in and tightening and engaging the core. So that if you put finger waist and floor, this should be the gap.

Leg Lifts

  • Lie down on the side.
  • Keep your leg lifted and toes up straight up to the ceiling.
  • As you go down, flex the leg and bring the leg down.
  • Repeat this 15-20 times.

Leg lifts 

  • Bring your leg all the way in front of you.
  • Keep your toes pointed and flex your leg backwards as far as you can.
  • The aim of this exercise to keep your legs parallel to the floor and moving the legs in fron of you and behind of you.

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Leg Circles

Start making large circles with your legs.

While you are doing all these exercises, the body has to be as tight as possible. So, only the leg that is being exercised is moving and rest of the body is tight, engaged and not moving. 

leg circles

All Four

  • Come in all four position with your hands and legs on the ground.
  • We lift the knee to the ceiling with the toes pointed.
  • Bring your knee back to the chest and as you exhale, lift the leg all the way to the ceiling.
  • This is excellent for the glutes.
All four leg

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  • We turn on the back and lift heels and bottom off the ground.
  • Your legs are up to the ceiling and get up on your toes.
  • Now do marching by bringing one knee to the chest while you are squeezing and lifting bottom off the ground.

These are best exercises to work your leg muscles and glutes.

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