3 Types Of Squats That One Must Do For Lean Legs

Did you know a basic squat exercise can make your legs leaner, posture better, and core much stronger. Know how does it happen

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Aug 06, 2020 16:11 IST
3 Types Of Squats That One Must Do For Lean Legs

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When it comes to exercise, there are many routines, of which you do not even know about all the benefits but are incredibly beneficial in overall toning of the body, and squats are one of them. As we all know, squats are the best for strength training, as it works on the glutes, hips and thighs together. Add squats to your exercise and stay fit. There are many advantages to squat, know about these benefits before we head on to the three types of squats that one must do for lean and toned legs:


Benefits of Squats:

For Fat Thighs: Often, people forget the lower parts of the waist while exercising, and only focus on the upper parts of the body. But squats can reduce leg fat quickly. Deep squats are considered the best exercise to reduce fat in the thighs or hips.

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For Strengthening Muscles: Muscle strengthening reduces the problems caused by ageing. Squats strengthen the muscles of your legs and whole body. While squatting, the secretion of testosterone, a hormone responsible for the development of the body, is high, which is helpful in muscle development.

For Body Balance: Balancing the body is not an easy task, for that you have to struggle a lot. But a squat is a workout that helps in keeping you fit and also improve the balance of the body. While practising this, you do sit-ups which are helpful for balance.

Helps Improve Posture: Even though it may not look like it, squats are a great way to improve your posture. The body part that you use while doing a squat is the waist. As a result, your body becomes stable, and the body posture better.

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Squat For Legs

Apart from having a trimmed waist, most ladies often struggle due to heavy legs and thighs. Hence, the best way to get rid of leg fat is to squat regularly. It is a fast fat cutter and also makes your core stronger and your posture better. So, for a quick workout on legs, core squats are a great workout, and we do it in the easiest forms while we do our daily chores at home. But one must be careful about leg cramps and remedies to cure. To carry out squats, the following steps may be taken:

1# Simple squats: Stand straight with your feet apart about 10 inches. Bend down from knees in a sit-down situation, chest straight, hands can be in front or behind the forehead and stand back straight. While bending, please note that your knees should not go ahead of your toes in sit down posture.

TIP: Do sets of 10 reps/15reps/ 20 reps X 3.

2# Jump squats: If you are regular with squats, you may go to the next level. Introducing jumping into squats. Stand straight with your feet as in simple squats and introduce a jump while coming up and repeat. This will heat your legs and core.

TIP: Do sets of 10 reps/15reps.

3# Squats sideways: Jumping into squats, stand straight with your feet as in simple squats and introduce a jump sideways sitting back to the squat position. Heat your legs and core.

TIP: Do sets of 30 seconds X 3.


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Some care tips to follow while doing leg exercises at home:

  • Not keeping the foot on the sledge or a base correctly. Many people keep their heels slightly out, which can lead to injuries
  • Not keeping their chest straight while doing a squat can lead to extra strain on the shoulders and chest.
  • For extra comfort, one should keep their hands on their knees to give the support required while doing a squat.
  • The legs might pain after doing squats for a day. This does not mean that you should stop. Go slow but do not stop as taking a long break in between may lead to difficulty in doing it again as the pain might come back. The only way is to build resistance.

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