Try These 5 Pilates Exercises To Relieve Hip Pain

Suffering from hip pain? Try these pilates stretches to get relief from it.


Vesna Jacob
Written by: Vesna JacobPublished at: Dec 19, 2020Updated at: Dec 19, 2020
Try These 5 Pilates Exercises To Relieve Hip Pain

Hip pain is becoming quite prevalent, and one of the reasons for that is, we are spending so many hours seated and doing work from home. While in the office or a public place, you are more conscious about how you are holding your body. The chair would be more adequate as you are in the office, at home we are sitting in any way like on couches, cross legs or slouching over and not even paying attention to our posture because no one is watching you. So the hip pain is becoming an issue as well as connecting back pain. The dysfunction of the hip can lead with the problem of lower back and with the case of knees as well. Pilates improves your posture and also helps to realign the body. Pilates helps to open up the body, realigning the muscles, hence dealing with an issue.

Inverted V

5 Pilates Stretches For Hip Pain

  • Combination of Horizontal Explode and Inverted V: This exercise teaches you how to load the glutes because, in this scenario, the glutes become underworked and does not perform very well. So load and unload, which means sitting on your cue with arms in front of you then you touch the tail bone-in, engage the core and go all the way forward till you can hold around its back. It's excellent for stretching the lower back, for engaging core and also working on the hip flexor. So when you are moving through the hips, you are also lubricating and activating your hips as well. From there we'll go to inverted V position to pigeon stretch.
Pigeon Stretch
  • Pigeon Stretch: Start with an inverted V position, and you stretch there, then you pick up the legs. When you lift the leg and do a number eight with your knee, this kind of help because of the weight of the portion is being pulled up by gravity when you do this elliptical movement. It helps the hip realign and decompresses the hip, and from there, you go to pigeon stretch, which is a great hip opener movement.

pelvic bridge
  • Lying on the back doing pelvic bridge: Doing this but with a tension of the hip flexes. So when we are going up, we are focusing on creating a link on top of the legs, and from there we are going to support the lower back and try to stretch the legs out into the more resonant bridge, which is good for lower back and hip openers.
Butterfly Stretch
  • Butterfly Stretch: Toes together, sit upright, knees are out and move the knees up and down. Then we open the legs out all the way which also opens the inner thigh. You sit with the legs wide open, and arms on the side peddle to the floor when you inhale-exhale, you reach to the opposite foot. This is great again for opening the hip.
  • Mobility: A 90-90 stretch, where both legs are creating the 90°, and then we reach over, and we come up and twist. Then we change the leg position and do the same on the other side. So this is deep mobility of the hips.

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