Do These Nose Exercises To Give Your Nose A Better Shape

Tired of becoming a target to nose jokes? Here are some practical nose exercises that can help you get a sharp nose that you always wanted.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Dec 08, 2020 23:11 IST
Do These Nose Exercises To Give Your Nose A Better Shape

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Exercises for a better nose: The nose plays a vital role in enhancing our beauty. If we talk about a perfect face, then it is believed that it is necessary to have long hair, big eyes, pink lips and a sharp nose. To note: a sensitive nose can be attained by doing some simple facial exercises. The nose is the first thing to be noticed when you see or meet someone. Great nose shape is essential to accentuate the features of an individual. Those, it is easy to achieve an excellent nose shape by merely putting on some makeup with some excellent contouring skills. However, cosmetics cannot be a permanent solution to this. Some even go to the extent of getting nose jobs done.

To get that perfect shape, here are some exercises to get that desired nose shape:

  • Nose Up And Down: As we age, our bones and muscles change in structure. Therefore much attention is paid to the oil massages given to infants right after they are born. It is that regular massaging can help rectify several deformities in the body. The nose of the infant is also massaged in a specific direction for it to get a good shape. For adults to get a perfectly-shaped nose, gently with your finger, move your nose upward and downwards. By doing this exercise, one can get a proper definition of the nose without undergoing any surgeries.

  • Massage Your Nose: Nasal massages can also bring the nose in the right shape. Massaging the nose from top to bottom and from right to left can help give a definite form. Again, this gentle massage can help provide relief from symptoms of sinus and migraine. Do not put a lot of pressure while massaging your nose as that specific bone requires excellent care. An injury can lead to a lengthy recovery period.

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  • Move Your Nose Left To Right: Take your breath in, and move your nose from left to right. This exercise not just gives a shape to your nose but also provides excellent relief to the nasal muscles. Concentrate on the movement of the nose as it can also act as a great meditation source.

  • Press The Nose On Both Sides: Pressing the nose from both sides can reduce the thickness of the nose. To do this exercise, press your nose from both sides of the nose. Make use of both the hands for this exercise. Way easier than dabbing a lot of makeup every day, this exercise is a great way to give a defined shape to the nose.

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  • Breathing Exercises: For a better shape of the nose, block one nostril with one finger and breathe through the other one just like it is done in anulom vilom breathing exercises. Do this on both sides of the nose and concentrate on your breathing. This not only gives a great shape to your nose but also provides the needed relaxation. 

These nose exercises are easy-to-perform and do not require an expert’s help. Just take some time out in a day and work your way towards a perfect nose. 

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