Hula Hoops For Weight Loss: Helps Reduce Belly Fat, Prevents Heart Diseases And Improves Mental Health

Hula hoop exercise is beneficial, cutting down extra fat around the belly. This fun exercise leads to easy burning of calories.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Aug 13, 2019Updated at: Aug 13, 2019
Hula Hoops For Weight Loss: Helps Reduce Belly Fat, Prevents Heart Diseases And Improves Mental Health

Different forms of exercises can help in your weight loss journey. One such fun activity that you can try is hula hoops. It keeps your muscles healthy, and also improves the blood flow in the body. Most of the exercises that we come across are either time taking or extremely tough on the body. However, doing the hula hoops is not only fun, but it also helps to keep your body fit. This short-term exercise is beneficial in keeping the body healthy by cutting down calories and even the extra body fat around the belly. This exercise is straightforward to be done, and it takes only 30 minutes of your time daily. It helps in reducing weight by working on the hard-to-lose-weight parts of the body. It is a great exercise to tone your hips, burn calories, strengthen your muscles and lighten your mood. Hula hoops can reduce at least 100 calories in just 30 minutes, which is a lot more than what you generally burn in usual exercises.

How To Do Hula Hoops?

To do this, stand in between the hula hoop and bring your right leg forward. Let the hula hoop rest on the lower back. Start rotating the hoop clockwise around the waist. Bend your knee slightly. While doing this, keep the bodyweight on your feet. Further, rotate your hips forward and backward. If you feel that the hoop is falling, then stand straight and revolve the hula around the hips. Repeat this activity with the left leg as well.

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However, apart from weight loss, there are many more benefits of hula hoops. Let's know how to do this exercise and what benefits you get from it.

Aids In Weight Loss

According to a study done by the American Council on exercise, hula hoops exercises done at an average speed can help you burn 400 calories per hour. In addition to burning fat, this exercise can help tone body muscles. To see its effect, you need to do this activity for at least 10 minutes every day.

Beneficial For Mental Health

Doing this exercise not only has physical benefits, but it also holds benefits for mental health. Rotating the hula hoop is a fun exercise, and it helps a lot in relaxing your mind. While doing this exercise, your brain naturally focuses on the task, getting your mind off from other stressful activities. Keep doing it, and you will not just perfect the art of  hula hoop, but you will also see a considerable change in your mood.

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Strengthens The Back

Rotating the hula hoop around the hips strengthens your back, which is more beneficial for those who have a hectic 8 to 9-hour work schedule. It also works great for those who have long working hours. Continuously moving it around the hips reduces muscle tension by increasing the blood flow to the spinal cord.

Good For Heart Health

This exercise can also be beneficial in keeping the heart-healthy. By doing this activity for 15 minutes every day, your heart muscles can become stronger. Hula hoops exercise also helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. It enhances the pumping of the heart and keeps the blood pressure in control.

Enhances Hand and Eye Coordination

Like any other exercise, coordination of hands and eyes is required to perform a hula hoop. It challenges not only your muscles but also your brain. Rotating the hoop in different directions improves the harmony of your hand and eye.

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