7 Fitness Beliefs That Are Actually Myths!

There are some fitness tips that we all follow aren’t actually worth it! These should better be termed as fitness myths. Read this article to see how many of these fitness myths you believed to be true.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 19, 2019
7 Fitness Beliefs That Are Actually Myths!

Keeping the body fit is the need of the hour. Until and unless you make fitness a lifestyle, it won’t be of any good. But do not listen to or follow anything and everything that you are told in terms of fitness beliefs. Talking about this topic, here are some popular fitness theories that we believe are shockingly incorrect! Read these 7 fitness myths and unfollow them immediately (if you follow any).

#1 Doing regular Cardio can make you lean

If you do cardio day and night with an aim to lose weight, we are sorry to burst your bubble! While cardio can certainly help you shed a few pounds, it is highly unlikely to make you slim. You do need to follow a proper diet plan along to control the calories in order to fit into your old small-sized clothes. Practicing resistance training along with cardio exercises is a must for weight loss.

#2 Protein shake is a mandate for gym-goers

You would commonly see gym enthusiasts sipping on protein shakes before and/or after gym but it is not imperative. If you are fulfilling your body’s protein requirements through regular meals, there is no need for protein shakes at all! Nutritionists suggest eating high-protein foods like chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, tofu, etc. as healthy substitutes to protein supplements.

#3 Working out on an empty stomach will produce quick and better results

If you are willing to burn the unnecessary fat stored from your body, never exercise on an empty stomach. This might come as a shocker to many who prefer training with an empty stomach. Due to the lack of nutrients, your body won’t be able to burn fat cells. Instead, it will burn more muscles.

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#4 Sweating is directly proportional to burning fat

This statement might not go well with a lot of people but it is not 100% true! Though sweating is good for your body, it has nothing to do with calorie burns. Whenever your body temperature increases, your body begins sweating in order to bring the temperature down. So, next time you sweat profusely, it means your body temperature has increased and not that it is burning out extra calories!

#5 Running might damage the knees

Never believe the naysayers when they say that running may damage your knees. There is no easy and better exercise other than running provided you are training sensibly and are taking care of all the running essentials. Adorn your running gear and get started.

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#6 You'll become bulky if you lift heavyweights in the gym

While this is true to some extent there is no absolute accuracy in this perception. To some people, this theory might work while for a majority of people, lifting heavy weights can actually trigger weight loss! In fact, this exercising practice can burn more fat as compared to cardio.

#7 Fat can't be turned into muscle

Fats and muscles are totally different from one another. Though it is not easy to transform fat into muscle, it isn’t impossible either. You may burn fat and build muscle simultaneously by doing weight-lifting exercises. 

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