Suffering With Enlarged Spleen? Try These 5 Natural Remedies For Relief

Enlarged spleen can cause various problems. Here are some natural ways to get relief from enlarged spleen.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 06, 2021 09:00 IST
Suffering With Enlarged Spleen? Try These 5 Natural Remedies For Relief

Enlarged spleen is a condition in which the spleen present in the body gets enlarged due to health diseases. It is caused because aberration in the red blood cells. When the body performs in hyper function, then in order to compensate for the loss of breakdown in red blood cells, spleen gets bigger. Spleen itself is a very tiny organ that is almost of the size of the fist, when this condition occurs then it can become almost double its size which could result to various health problems. This problem caused by dysfunction of red blood cells is located in the peritoneal cavity and can be painful. Let us know about some natural remedies through which you can get relief from this problem.

What is the role of spleen in body?

Spleen is responsible for filtering out blood and removing by-products that are caused because of red blood cells. These particles include many materials and particles that are able to pass through blood vessels. Spleen function can also help immune function to work more efficiently. This is done by synthesizing lymphocytes. Spleen is also a very crucial organ of our body and should not be neglected as it is not much talked about. We will discuss about some natural remedies to control and get relief from enlarged spleen.


Natural Remedies For Controlling Enlarged Spleen

1. Anti-inflammatory diet

To get relief from enlarged spleen, you need to find out ways to control your diet and help to reduce inflammation. For this you need to have food that is more easily digestible and provides more energy to the body in lesser duration of time frame. An unhealthy spleen is related to many health conditions which are associated with fatigue and anaemia

To address problems related to spleen and lymphatic nodes, the diet should be high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. All these three elements are helpful to bring down inflammation and reduce free radical damage. It can reduce stress from your body as well which can lower down the symptoms of enlarged spleen. 

Avoid eating food such as allergens, low quality animal food, sugary foods, snacks, processed food and refined vegetable oils. Instead you should have more fruits vegetables, nuts, seeds and spices in your diet.

2. Do stress buster activities

You need to indulge yourself into stress buster activities because chronic stress weakens down the immune system of the body and leads it to inflammation and digestive problems. This can increase the problem of enlarged spleen, to improve your condition, apply some lymphatic, immunity rich stress busting activities to overcome and control symptoms of enlarged spleen. 

This can be done through carious activities such as walking in parks, warms baths, practising your hobby and listening to music, etc. 


3. Use of Essential Oils

In some cases essential oils have proved to be extremely effective and have worked wonder for the person whereas some people only get a little relief from symptoms. Essential oils can be helpful in bringing down the problems associated with enlarged spleen. It has number of symptoms which can be effective-

  • It reduces infections
  • Reduces inflammation in the body
  • Helps to fight infection
  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces pain in the organ and nearby parts

Essential oils can be added with some carrier oil and then massage it over the region of spleen. Put the mixture around 2-3 times in a day to reduce the problem of enlarged spleen and functions related to it. It helps to improve blood circulation in the body and fight swelling which is caused by enlargement of spleen.

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4. Exercise to improve digestion

Natural remedies also include exercise as a part of system to reduce the inflammation and control enlarged spleen. There is a lymphatic system which drains all the fluids and helps the body recover faster. Exercises that put pressure on your spleen and stomach region can be beneficial for you to reduce inflammation.

It also promotes blood circulation and improves functions in the body because of which the symptoms can be eased. Regular workout can be key to healthy spleen and prevent spleen enlargement in the future as will by filtering lymph fluids.

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5. Maintain a healthy routine

Enlarged spleen can increase and problems related to it can get inflamed. Getting to follow a healthy schedule and routine can reduce the problems and functions of enlarged spleen and reduce the risk of adversities. This includes following a regulated schedule in which you eat on a particular time, sleep properly and do your daily tasks in the given time frame. All this together can help bring down enlarged spleen.

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