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Better Immunity Can Slow Down Skin Ageing, Finds Study

If your immune system is stronger, you are less likely to exhibit signs of ageing. This research shows how immunity and age are related.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 15, 2021Updated at: Jul 15, 2021
Better Immunity Can Slow Down Skin Ageing, Finds Study

Immunity is the only word that is trending these days. Before the pandemic, people hardly cared about how stronger their immunity is which did cause health issues to them in the past. Now that they know the importance of better immunity, health concerns are seemingly decreasing. Apart from everyday illnesses like cough, cold and flu, your immune system is also responsible for aging. This is indeed surprising for everyone but the truth is that the stronger the immune system you have, the lesser signs of ageing would show on your body. A research team from the Buck Institute of Stanford University has found this. Keep reading to know the details.

How is immune system linked to ageing?

Most of us do not know that immune system is an integral part of the biological clock. When a person ages, the body shows certain signs of ageing. However, this are preventable by keeping oneself healthy and active. Another important aspect found in relation to ageing is the immune system. Researchers from the university have formed an inflammatory clock of ageing which is effective in measuring the inflammatory load on the body and accurately predicts immune health, heart health, morbidities, etc. According to the findings published in the journal ‘Nature Aging’, using this artificial intelligence, it is found that heart ageing is linked to modifiable chemokine that can be detected early.

David Furman from the School of Medicine, Standard University says, “Standard immune metrics which can be used to identify individuals most at risk for developing single or even multiple chronic diseases of ageing have been sorely lacking. Bringing biology to our completely unbiased approach allowed us to identify a number of metrics, including a small immune protein that is involved in age-related systemic chronic inflammation and cardiac ageing. We now have means of detecting dysfunction and a pathway to intervention before full-blown pathology occurs.”

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Boost Immunity to Defy Age

Your age and your immune age are different. Older adults can have a younger immune age whereas young adults can show older immune age. For example, a 105 YO Italian man is found to have an immune age of 25 YO. This is surprising but it very much defines that your immunity is very important and it can help you defy your actual age. To validate the findings, researchers gathered information from people of different age groups and assessed their immune age. Those with better immunity were found to show lesser signs of ageing.

Boost Immunity to Defy Age

To make yourself look and feel younger, you must focus on building your immunity as it can help a long way. Eating good food, being physically active and getting regular health checkups to help in boosting immunity. The researcher concluded by saying, “these people are all healthy according to all available lab tests and clinical assessments, but by using iAge we were able to predict who is likely to suffer from left ventricular hypertrophy (an enlargement and thickening of the walls of the heart’s main pumping chamber) and vascular dysfunction.”

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“If you’re chronically inflamed, you will have genomic instability as well as mitochondrial dysfunction and issues with protein stability. Systemic chronic inflammation triggers telomere attrition, as well as epigenetic alterations. It’s clear that all of these nine hallmarks are, by and large, triggered by having systemic chronic inflammation in your body. I think of inflammation as the 10th hallmark,” he concluded.

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