Monsoon Hair Care: 5 Myths That You Should Stop Believing In

Here we are busting the most common hair care myths that you need to stop following right now!

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jul 24, 2021Updated at: Jul 24, 2021
Monsoon Hair Care: 5 Myths That You Should Stop Believing In

We all love a long, healthy and shiny mane, and accept it or not but every now and then all of us try out something or the other to improve the texture of our hair, reduce hair fall and get luscious locks. In order to attain that perfect rapunzel like hair sometimes we all fall into traps and start believing those hair care tips blindly. Sometimes the things that you are actually doing to improve your hair quality can actually damage your hair and hence here we are for your rescue, to save you from the common hair care myths that are actually damaging your hair.

Hair Care Myths 

Hair Care

From trying out DIYs to buying the most expensive shampoos and other hair care products, we have done it all but here is an eye opener for you all that the hair care practices you have been following blindly can actually be very harmful for your hair and can cause damage to your strands. Here we are busting the most common hair care myths that you need to stop following right now!

#1. Plucking one grey hair will give rise to may more

Now this is something that we all have come across and no matter how badly we want to pull that one strand out, we somehow stop ourselves due to the fear of getting a head full of grey hair as we have been feeling this myth for so long. Here is some good news for those of you who have that shining grey hair near your hairline which has been ruining your appearance for so long, you all can finally pluck it off without any worries. Although plucking the strand with tweezers is still not a very good idea as it might damage the hair follicle and put some stress on your scalp which might result in the growth of a coarse hair strand with a weird hair growth.

Grey Hair

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#3. Split ends can not be repaired

Here is a quick question, How much money have you all spent on those shampoos, conditioners, serums and other hair care products that claim to repair split ends? Well all that money actually went into the drain because there is no way in which any hair care product can repair your split ends, the only way to get rid of them is to get a haircut. Although you can try and prevent your hair strands splitting but once this change is totally irreversible. 

#4. Cold water makes your hair shinier

Cold Water Shower

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If you are someone who took cold water showers in freezing winters just to make sure that your hair looks shiny the next day then, I would say that I really feel sorry for you as you have actually gone through a lot of pain by believing this myth. 

The truth is that rinsing off your hair with cold water has got nothing to do with making your hair glossy and shiny. Well there surely is another benefit of rinsing off your hair with cold water as it helps to close down the open pores of your scalp.

#4. Brush your hair 100 strokes a day

Brushing hair

Keep that brush down as it is not going to do any good to your hair and brushing that beautiful mane repeatedly throughout the day would not make it any healthier but can actually harm your hair by damaging the cuticles. A hair brush should only be used to detangle those knots or else a repetitive use can lead to hair thinning.

#5. Trimming makes your hair grow faster


Fake News Alert! No matter how many times that parlour lady told you to get a haircut to grow your hair longer, faster but here is the truth, trimming has got nothing to do with the speed in which your hair is going to grow as the growth takes place from the roots and not the ends. Although regular trims would not help you to get a faster growth but can surely help to give your hair a healthier look. As regular trims help you to get rid of those split ends and hair shafts which makes your hair look dry, dull and rough, a trimming sesion taken once in 4-6 weeks can give your hair a fresh and healthy look.

Monsoon Haircare Myths & Tips  

Monsoon season calls for some extra care and nourishment and especially when it comes to your hair. Well now you know the truth behind these hair care myths so here are a few hair care tips that you can follow this monsoon season to minimize the hair damage and get beautiful frizz free locks.

1# Oiling is necessary


Do you remember that relaxing oil massage that your mom used to give you every weekend? Well go to her with some oil and ask her to do it again because this hair care tip is the real game changer. An oil massage does not just help to moisturize your hair strands but also promotes blood circulation in your scalp which results in the healthy growth of new hair follicles. Make sure that you massage your hair with some oil twice a week.

2# Keep your hair dry

Monsoon season is already responsible for all the humidity around and keeping your hair wet for long is a big no, especially at this time of the har. Your hair is the weakest when they are wet and hence the chances of breakage increases. Make sure you air dry your hair or use a blow dryer at a low heat setting to keep your hair dry and fresh.

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3# Do wash your hair

For those of you who love a little rain dance and enjoy going out while it's raining, make sure that you wash your hair properly after they get drenched in rain. The acid compounds present in the rainwater gets trapped in your hair which might cause a little imbalance in the natural pH level of your scalp resulting in the excessive secretion of sebum from the gland which gives rise to the growth of pathogens as they get something to feed on. 

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