#MondayMotivation: Most Women Face These Difficulties While Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight

Physical recovery can take time post-delivery with lots of complications and difficulties. Hence, care is a must

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Feb 17, 2020 11:21 IST
#MondayMotivation: Most Women Face These Difficulties While Losing Post-Pregnancy Weight

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Having a baby is one of the most thrilling and exciting life experiences, but the difficulty faced by mothers can be challenging. Getting back to shape is no joke because of the potential long-term consequences of postpartum weight retention and subsequent obesity. It is essential to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the symptoms caused:

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Breast problems
  • Excessive bleeding after delivery
  • Hair loss
  • Stretch marks
  • Depression
  • Chronic health condition
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"Why are you in a hurry to lose your post pregnancy weight? Focus on your baby now!" I got this very disturbing message (on so many levels) recently on my insta DM after I shared my #5weekpostpartum recovery workout videos like this one on my stories! And I wondered how many of us women are being discouraged to take care of ourselves ���� #momshaming . If you know me by now then you also know I don't take BS #unsolicitedadvice lying down so you may have guessed my reply but if you didn't then here goes! Firstly, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS . Secondly, you are soooo IGNORANT that you still believe that you can lose weight ( fat) in the gym! Duhhhhh Thirdly, as you already have made it your business then let's get the facts right. When a #NewMom starts her recovery via exercise (after receiving doctors permission and under professional guidance) then it only means one thing. SHE KNOWS HER SHIT AS A MOM! Most importantly as a woman�� She knows that she requires an even greater strength & endurance for motherhood than what she required for pregnancy and childbirth put together times 2. So she needs to put in that hustle like never before as she has lost a great deal of it creating a universe for 9 months! Her focus is the baby�� . . She knows that she requires that mental resilience which all women will swear by is a must in motherhood. That kind of crazzyyyy resilience ( never give up attitude) only comes from exercise. . . And lastly being a mother is a part of being a woman ( not the end all and be all of being a woman. Separate post coming up on this!) So yes SHE WILL EXERCISE FOR HER OWN DAMN SELF. And if that results with the side effect of losing weight then Hurrrraaayyy! . . And oh by the way, I am totally struggling with the basics as you can clearly see but also soooo proud of this journey of #selflove. I will make my #lilK proud. @snehadesu the cheering helps;) . . Stop #momshaming Start some #momloving

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These can be the significant causes of post-birth symptoms. Here are the reasons why losing weight after pregnancy can be challenging:

Sleep Deprivation

Due to the lack of sleep, the brain doesn’t work efficiently. Therefore there is a change in the body hormones, and that very change can be daunting for the mother, especially if breastfeeding. Both stress and sleep can affect our body dramatically, so it’s necessary to have a healthy diet and exercise regimen.



New moms must handle the newborn baby, and that’s why they don’t give much attention to their health. The feeling of exhaustion and stress can increase your stress hormones that slow down your fat metabolism. Hence, taking extra stress and constant worrying over the baby’s health can have some serious repercussions on the mother’s health too.

Pregnancy effects

There is an increase in weight gain when a woman gets pregnant and more body fat is added. It isn’t very easy for a new mother to take out time to exercise and sleep. Having a new baby is like having a whole new responsibility on you. In the race of taking care of your child makes it difficult to think about your health. Right from feeding to cleaning and to putting the baby to sleep, it is mostly the mother who ends up suffering due to exhaustion.


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PCOS struggles

According to various studies, between 5 and 10 per cent of women have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition is characterised by a hormonal imbalance that makes weight loss more difficult and causes menstrual irregularity.

How your body changes after pregnancy

You might get ready mentally to exercise but not physically. It’s important not to overdo exercises. Labour and birth can cause physical problems including back pain, which can be made worse by vigorous exercise. Your joints and ligaments are affected by pregnancy hormones for up to 6 months after the birth which can put you at greater risk of injury.


During the pregnancy, your abdominal muscles may get separated, but they go back to normal after birth. To strengthen the muscles you will need to do exercises. The bladder, uterus and bowel are supported by the muscles and ligaments that can be weakened after pregnancy, especially if you have pushed for a long time. Hence exercising too vigorously can cause injury and increase your chance of prolapse.

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Words of Wisdom By Sucheta


When a new mom starts her recovery via exercise ( after receiving doctors permission and under professional guidance), then she knows how it is done as a mom and as a woman. Usually, when you give birth to a child, you feel more exhausted and tired. The recovery can take at least 6 weeks to heal completely. Mental health plays another role in getting your body back to shape and can be achieved by exercising. We know women require that mental resilience which all women will swear by, is a must in motherhood.

Kudos to all those mothers out there who have been facing the difficulty with a smile.

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