#MondayMotivation: Be Careful, These Activites Can Risk Pregnancy

Just as I stress the importance of exercising during pregnancy, it is also a must to know which exercise is beneficial

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalPublished at: Dec 23, 2019Updated at: Dec 23, 2019
#MondayMotivation: Be Careful, These Activites Can Risk Pregnancy

As not all exercises are useful during pregnancy, few can put you at increased risk of injury. Exercising is a must for women in the gestation period as it helps in keeping the expecting mother active and the baby healthy. As we know how the diet of a mother suddenly increases to supplement the baby with required nutrients, it is also a must to get rid of any excess weight, which can cause harm during pregnancy. Gaining baby weight during pregnancy is fine, but that doesn't give them leeway to eat blatantly. However, most women are unknown to the fact that all exercises are not great for the baby. Below are a few activities which you should avoid during pregnancy:

Contact Sports


Contact sports and sports are highly beneficial for good health, but if you are pregnant, there are grave chances of being hit in the abdomen during a match. Also, games like these require a lot of stamina, which may not be possible for a pregnant lady to possess, simply for the reason of the weight of the baby. Also, contact sports in most cases, require a lot of running around, which is not something pregnant women should do in excess. Hence, once should stay clear of contact sports like ice hockey, boxing, soccer, and basketball for a safe pregnancy.


The very thought of skydiving does excite many, but this sport is a big no-no during pregnancy. A pregnant lady may experience pre-eclampsia during skydiving. In simpler terms, it can lead to spiked blood pressure levels, which cause complications for the mother and the child both. This is categorised as a high-risk sport and can have severe repercussions for the baby's health too.

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Activities That Can Lead To A Fall


In most cases, pregnant ladies often face balancing issues, which increases the risk of accidental falls. In my opinion, women who are expecting should avoid activities that may result in a fall, such as downhill snow skiing, water skiing, surfing, off-road cycling, gymnastics, and horseback riding, etc. Accidental fall can be detrimental to the health of the mother and the child and in severe cases can lead to a miscarriage too.

Hot Yoga Or Hot Pilates

As the name suggested, these two exercises are so intense that it leads to elevated body temperature. In severe cases, pregnant women doing hot yoga or hot pilates can be exposed to a higher risk of neural tube defects. Also, the heat produced while doing these exercises can lead to episodes of dizziness or fainting due to lowered blood pressure levels.

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Scuba diving


Water exercises are great for to-be-mothers. However, a sport like a scuba diving can lead to decompression for which the fetus is not protected. Also, the pressure of the water is immense, which can be harmful to the baby. Hence, it is a must for pregnant women to stay away from scuba diving and should never take up risks without consulting any doctor.

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