#MondayMotivation: New Mommy Sucheta Pal Talks About How She Sailed Through Her 3rd Trimester

Pregnancy is hugely unpredictable and requires to get the courage for the mothers to experience it all!

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Jan 20, 2020 13:08 IST
#MondayMotivation: New Mommy Sucheta Pal Talks About How She Sailed Through Her 3rd Trimester

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When you thought that your belly wouldn't get any bigger, you will suddenly wake up to your third trimester and see it growing even more! This is when you realise that you are so close to giving birth to a new life. No matter how joyous the moment is for the parents-to-be, only the ladies can experience what happens in the body during this particular trimester. I am now busy taking care of this new joy, which God has blessed us with but can never forget what happened during my third trimester. Helping you all a little, here are some significant changes that I experienced during my third trimester.

Sudden Drop In Energy Levels


Even though I was active throughout my pregnancy, there came a time when I suddenly felt heavier, had to drag myself to everything and did not feel like walking too. All I wanted to do is only stretch as that gave my body the most amount of relief. I could feel my bells protruding even more. This lead to a drastic drop in energy levels. This was when I realised that 3rd trimester was the most difficult of all the other phases of my pregnancy. I even went through some online programmes on stretching, which helped me came out of the discomfort to a great extent.

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The Exercise Ball Was My Saviour


What helped me most in my 3rd trimester was the exercise ball. It was my constant support as I got so much respite from the pain and the discomfort caused due to the big protruding belly of mine. This ball was my go-to comfort zone as it was much easier for me to sit on it with a fully grown belly and gave me the most amount of comfort in times when I was in a different mood altogether. I want to say that all you pregnant ladies should listen to your heart and do anything and everything that makes you happy in times when you are undergoing the most amount of bodily changes.

Did Not Feel Like Moving

The starting of my pregnancy was opposite to what it was in the 3rd trimester. As you all know, the initial time was all about Zumba, meeting people, talking to everyone, sharing my experiences with my audience, but the 3rd trimester took me by surprise. That time, I did not feel like moving an inch, leave aside exercising or dancing. All I wanted to do was to sit at one place, not meet anyone, not talk to anyone. I even started refusing people to meet!

My Mind Became Sharper

I cannot emphasis more, but my mind had such great ideas during the 3rd trimester. I felt as if I could plan much better than what I did in the last couple of years. My suggestion to the ladies is to use their mind more as the body would not let you do much.

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Started Eating What I Had During My Childhood Days


My 3rd trimester took me back to the foods that I mostly loved eating during my childhood! Horlicks became a staple and milk with a thick layer of cream in the night. I started finding peace and solace in the sound of daily prayers held in a mosque, similar to what I liked when I was young as there was a mosque very close to where I lived. It was more about the soothing sound, which kept me hooked on to it and gave me much peace.

The most important thing that one has to know that the body changes drastically in the last trimester and comes to a lot of learning for both the parents. So, enjoy it all as what happens later is the most precious thing that becomes your life forever!

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