#MondayMotivation: A Word Of Advice By Sucheta For Those Getting Anxious During This Lockdown

Lockdown certainly is giving a lot many people the jitters, but we need to hang in there for the benefit of the community, says Sucheta

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Apr 06, 2020 14:24 IST
#MondayMotivation: A Word Of Advice By Sucheta For Those Getting Anxious During This Lockdown

With 197 million suffering from mental health issues and one suicide every 17 seconds, India, today has one-third of the world's cases of depression, addiction and suicide. Despite the staggering numbers, there is a 95 per cent treatment gap due to lack of access, awareness and affordability and variable quality of mental healthcare providers. The time we live in today is adding layers of uncertainty and emotional distress at the population level, the kind of people who are not already anywhere in the world. Also, with the whole COVID-19 scare and lockdown happening, it is common for all of this to add up to these numbers.

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Sucheta shares how gripping and daunting this lockdown is coming on to her too.  If you are getting anxious like me during this shutdown, repeatedly hitting the refresh button to see if any new cases or which city is shutdown next then I feel you. I think more important here is to understand how to feel a little lighter with all the news floating around us all this while. On top of it being bombarded by every post to be productive can get overwhelming.

What To Do? 

I found a way out by finding small things to give me stability. As simple as making my bed in the morning or just finishing one page of my book. At least by the end of the day, I know I did one thing right. And it makes the next day better. Hang in there, people. Also, not thinking over the situation much, what I love to do during such times is to sweat it out by dancing. Recently, an old song, 'Mahi Ve', hooked on to me and what I did was, I thought of dancing on it. Not Zumba, not for weight loss, but only for general happiness and to get rid of these blues that we all are feeling these.

Also, this is the time when I came across a few things about motherhood that makes me laugh and smile. Now that with all this time at home, around the baby, I have come across three very funny things about motherhood and having a baby in the house. Read below and am sure you will have a hearty laugh on this:

  • 1) My life has become a slo-mo movie. When the baby is asleep, and even the slightest of noise can wake him up, the husband and I actually walk like cats, putting our plates down in slow motion and what not just to keep the baby sleeping so that we can complete our chores.
  • 2) Getting the baby burp is an art I must say. Something I thought came out naturally, but it surely isn't the case with babies. I must say it is the biggest accomplishment of my life, on a lighter note.

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  • 3) Celebration of potty time as we are only wiping his tiny bums with wipes as seeing the baby poop is excellent to know that everything is fine with the baby.

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