Safer To Be Home But Don't Know What To Do? 5 Things New Mothers Can Do, Explains Sucheta

#SuchetaShares a few things that new mothers can do in times when it is best to stay indoors to keep away from the coronavirus scare

Sucheta Pal
Written by: Sucheta PalUpdated at: Mar 16, 2020 08:06 IST
Safer To Be Home But Don't Know What To Do? 5 Things New Mothers Can Do, Explains Sucheta

We all are aware as to how the Government and health ministry is working towards appraising everyone with correct facts about coronavirus. Hence, when most of the offices and institutions are advising employees to be indoors as much as possible, it is also essential for mothers to be safe from any flu-like symptoms as it becomes extremely simple for the kids to fall prey to the condition too. But, I can also understand how staying all the time indoors can take a toll on one's mind. We get to hear how all gyms and malls are also on a closedown for the safety of the public, leaving very few options for everyone to do. But, as we have a solution for everything, I am here to help out the new mothers to be at home yet make the most of their time. 5 things you can do if you are self-quarantined:

Spend time with your loved ones

In times when the whole world is running to do their daily chores, we do miss out on the basics in life. This also means very little time to spend with your loved ones. It is that time when you are forced to be home with a lot of free time at your disposal. If it were me, I would call a long-lost friend to only catch up on the lost memories. This is the time for you to reconnect with your loved ones, or spend some extra time at home, especially if you are a working mom. Make your kids feel special by cooking up their favourite meal, plan little picnics at your home garden or even a balcony. You may not get this time this easily during regular working days.

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I know you are stuck at home what with all malls, theatres and gyms closed but social distancing is the need of the hour. Consider this as some forced #metime by the universe . . Here's are 5 things you can do if you feel you are stuck at home 1️⃣ Spend some quality time with a loved one, call a friend you didn't get time for. 2️⃣ Learn and upgrade. @udemy is my personal favourite for online courses 3️⃣ Mediate. Start with simple apps like @headspace and @calm 4️⃣ Read a book. @trevornoah "Born a Crime" is a laugh riot and check out @amazondotin for some great deals on books 5️⃣ @netflix_in ofcourse anyday. has listed the top 101 Netflix movies . . Remember this too shall pass. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy

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Time To Learn And Upgrade

It isn't effortless to catch up on vocational studies or some part-time courses too while busy with a regular job. Also, what makes it even more difficult is to have your kids waiting at home after you being out the whole day for work. It is okay for mothers not to feel guilty to leave their kids behind for their career, but it is always good to catch up on little studies whenever time permits. This is the best time to learn and upgrade by taking up some online courses, which does not want you to go anywhere but have every study material at your fingertips.



Little time we mothers get to ourselves with careers and kids. Make the most of your forced 'holiday' season by meditating for mental peace and wellbeing. One of the most effective mind cleansers and also an excellent way to keep diseases anxiety at bay, be sure to take out time for comforting meditation sessions and even yoga.


Read For Pleasure

How many of you take out time to read a book before hitting the sack? I know the answer to this may be wary. But, for me, I am making the most by reading Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. It is a laughter riot and a must-read for all. But, one can pick any book and also look for some great book deals online. Nothing better than ending the night with a great book after a long day at home.


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It is that time when we all wait for the time to be back home to catch up on some movies on Netflix. Now that it is the time for self-quarantine, one can make a list of the must-watch movies and then plan their day accordingly to make the most of the holiday season. But, do not forget to include your kids by making a list of movies, which contains some kids movies too.


Remember this too shall pass. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy!

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