Monday Blues? Motivate Yourself To Work Hard In A Pressurised Environment

Monday Motivation: Is Monday Blues A Real Thing?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 24, 2020Updated at: Feb 24, 2020
Monday Blues? Motivate Yourself To Work Hard In A Pressurised Environment

Monday Motivation: Everyone is scared from Monday morning! Nobody wants a Monday, after the golden and relaxing weekend. No matter what your occupation or job is, the fear of Monday bothers everyone from Sunday evening. It is the same feeling, just as going to school after a long vacation. Do you want to avoid the sadness of Monday and start fresh for a new week? Then you can adopt these 5 methods.

Make something special for breakfast


Just like a mother lures her child for her favourite breakfast, similarly, we should give ourselves a good breakfast on Monday morning. Especially make your favourite breakfast, which you can eat happily. Keep in mind that this breakfast should also be healthy, which will make you feel energetic and light.

Dress well and go to the office

Try to give a new look to your dressing style. Take out your favourite dress, your casual shoes and your favourite lipstick and get ready to go to the office (with all your heart ready). We should do this often because when you wear good clothes, you feel better and comfortable.

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Think positive


If you have boring thoughts about the office, then Monday will be painful for you. Change your mind, think how much fun it would be to go to the office. Your friends will be there and it is also important to think that you love your work. Your relationship in the office should be good with everyone because if it is not so, you will be mentally disturbed. Positive thinking about the office is also important because you spend about 8 to 9 hours of the day there.

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Love your job

It is very important to have love in our mind before doing any work. Why you do something and how much you like it is a very important thing. How much you are motivated towards your work can be a big reason for your success and happiness. So don't worry about Monday morning but make your work your passion.


Decorate your desk in the office

The decoration, cleanliness and beauty relax the eyes and our minds. It makes a good impression on your mind. So if possible, keep your desk decorated in the office. Decorate the desk with colourful work items. You can also plant money plants (or some green plants) on your desk. Apart from this, put some motivational thoughts on your desk. All these things keep you happy and motivated.

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