Merkaba Meditation and its Benefits

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Aug 09, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Merkaba is a meditation of concentrated & heightened awareness.
  • This meditation is a simple & prevailing tool that helps in healing.
  • Focuses on geometric field of energy.
  • Acts as a means of transportation.

Merkaba is a kind of meditation of concentrated and heightened awareness which focuses on geometric field of energy around the human body spinning at an unbelievable elevated speed. This meditation is a simple and prevailing tool that helps in healing.

Why you should be doing Merkaba meditation today

It is suggested that due to the pollution of the body, mind and spirit, the energies become sluggish and their movement ceases. Human are only half alive without these as if they were moving through the world blindly. Merkaba is a state of mind in which these energy fields are reawakened through meditation and set into motion again. This is a rotational field of energy that emits positive vibes through the spirit and body.

How is it done?

The Merkaba meditation has a certain technique that starts with a series of long breaths and every time you take a breath, there is an energy field that will accompany you. People who practice Merkaba open themselves to the world in a different way to which they had previously been blind to.

Benefits of Merkaba

Merkaba meditation is led on a sacred geometry that allows you to understand not just your own self but the entire universe. The study of this concept makes you realize the geometry and the pattern that revolves around the universe from the slander blade of grass to the unimaginable distant stars.

The moment these powerful energies get recognized and reignite, they can be channeled as a tool for healthy reflection. The energies that are emitted are directed and produced by the force of love, thereby providing a potential help in healing both the inner spirit and the body. This meditation acts as a means of transportation that takes us further than we could have ever been before, from our heart to our inner soul.

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