Gardening and Mental Health: 5 Reasons Why You Must Start Gardening

Gardening is a great therapy to boost physical and mental health. Read all the health benefits of gardening.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Feb 27, 2020 16:15 IST
Gardening and Mental Health: 5 Reasons Why You Must Start Gardening

Some people take up gardening as a weekend hobby while some do it as a regular chore. Nature is the greatest friend of mankind and staying close to it is extremely beneficial. There are several research stating how staying close to nature helps in relieving stress and fighting chronic ailments. This practice is good for both mind and body as nature is the greatest healer. So, whenever you feel stressed, depressed or demotivated, go out on the lawn and start gardening.

Gardening is therapeutic

Gardening therapy is extremely therapeutic. Dealing with everyday stress can become easy if you adopt the exercise of gardening. It is proven that when you concentrate on a physical task, your mind gets diverted from other unimportant things. This helps in regaining mental peace and restoring mental health.

Here are some major benefits of gardening.


#1 It’s the best way to vent out

If you are disturbed with something or frustrated or agitated, grab a shovel and start digging the soil and sow the seeds. If you are extremely angry, you may instead trim the excess branches of the trees or cut down the shrubs. Instead of venting out on somebody else, it is better to vent out this way. There’s a hidden advantage- your garden would look beautiful.

#2 Helps Develop A Growth Mindset

Gardening is not just a hobby but this can also help you develop a growth mindset. When you see the seeds you sowed flourish as plants, you see how a small thing can grow into something big. This is a great lesson of life that allows your mind to think in the direction of growth and development. Spending time in gardening keeps your hopeful.

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building connections

#3 Gardening may help in making connections

Gardening is a great opportunity to build connections with people of similar interests. In your free time, you can visit a gardening class where you’ll meet a lot of people. This helps in building social connections apart from sharing the dos and donts of gardening.

#4 Gardening teaches acceptance

Acceptance is very important for mental satisfaction and survival. We often crib about petty things that do not require much attention. Accepting the failures and unpredictability of life helps you evolve as a good human being. Experts believe gardening to be the best way to attain peace of mind and learn acceptance.

gardening benefits

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#5 The new definition of perfectionism

There is nothing like ‘Perfect’ in the whole wide world. This word is a myth that we humans believe to be true. In order to attain perfection, we often lead to self-doubt situation which is a pathway to destruction. This puts the person to a risk of physical and mental health decline. These destructive thoughts make it hard to achieve their goals. In order to make things perfect, we attract so much stress, the distress which can disturb mental health. This hampers one’s personal and professional life both. Gardening is a great remedy to get rid of these ‘perfectionism’ thoughts.

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