Link Between Dental Care And Heart Health Explained By Dr Atul Mathur

Research shows that if you don't take care of your oral mouth properly, then you are at risk of heart diseases more than healthy people. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Apr 21, 2020 15:43 IST
Link Between Dental Care And Heart Health Explained By Dr Atul Mathur

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It is essential to take care of oral health to avoid heart diseases - this may sound strange to you, but after many research, scientists have claimed that dental health and heart is closely related to each other. If you don't take care of your dental health properly, then you are more at risk of getting heart diseases. Heart disease patients worldwide have increased in the last two decades. Today, most people worldwide die due to heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. The connection between heart and dental health is explained by Dr Atul Mathur, Director, Interventional Cardiology Department, Escort Heart Institute & Research Center Delhi.

Heart and oral health

If there is a prolonged infection in any part of the body, it can harm our heart as well. Teeth is that part of our body, which is continuously in contact with food, and because of this, there is the highest possibility of infection here. Recent research has proved that if bacteria cause the disease of gingivitis in the gums, then the bacteria reach the heart through the blood. These damage the heart veins and increase the risk of a heart attack. Due to infection, some harmful substances are formed in the teeth, which reach the heart through blood and damage it. Sometimes it also causes blood clots on the walls of the heart valves or artery.

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Healthy heart

dental health

We try our best to protect our heart from diseases, such as daily exercise, yoga, jogging, minimal use of ghee-oil in food, intake of green vegetables etc. But very few people know that this problem can be avoided very quickly if the teeth are properly taken care of.

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Tips for prevention from heart diseases

  • First of all, always remember the same old learning of childhood that you should brush teeth thoroughly every morning and night before going to sleep. The teeth have to work hard to chew fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrot, radish, beetroot and apple (to be consumed in sufficient quantity). This also results in an exercise of muscles and strengthens teeth.
  • Reduce the amount of high-carb foods such as chocolates and sweets in your diet. Such things rapidly give rise to harmful bacteria, which create a cavity in the teeth. If you ever eat such things, do not forget to clean the teeth after this.

  • If there is a cavity in the teeth, do not ignore it. Later, it can also damage the inner part of the heart.
  • If you already have any heart problem, then get a dental checkup done regularly twice a year. Also, do not forget to tell your dentist about the heart problem. If there is an infection in the teeth, it is imperative to prevent it from reaching the heart, and for this, the dentist gives special antibiotics to the patient. If you have a toothache, avoid eating painkillers without a doctor's advice, it can be harmful to both teeth and heart.
  • Use a toothbrush for at least two months (then change it). Also, choose a dental clinic where special care is taken for yourself because in many cases, dental equipment also causes infection.

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