Are You Sharing Germs? 9 Things That We Share Have The Most Germs On Them

Sharing things is good but you need to be careful as you might be sharing germs and bacteria along.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 16, 2020
Are You Sharing Germs? 9 Things That We Share Have The Most Germs On Them

Germs are everywhere. Everything visible to you has bacteria and germs on them be it your phone, bag or even your personal pen. Germs multiply when these things are shared with anybody else unless you keep on disinfecting the stuff which is practically not possible. Sharing is good but sharing germs is bad especially when there is a threat of deadly virus ‘Coronavirus’ on mankind. It is always good to stay safe and take all necessary measures to prevent this germ transfer. In this article, we have listed down 9 items that we generally share but should not.


One of the most common things is a cellphone or any cellular device. We use our phones most of the times and these get in direct touch with face and mouth which allows them to get into your system. You may not know but the screen of your phone is dirtier than a toilet seat! Thus, it is better to avoid sharing your phone with others.

phone bacteria


A small thing like a pen is something that is most shared and you cannot refuse anybody when they ask for one. But it is better to discontinue this practice as this might land you in big trouble. Also, keep a pen with you always whenever visiting public places like a hospital as it is used by one and all which expose you to greater risk.


Do you mind sharing your comb or hairbrush with anyone? If not, you must start now. The germs and bacteria in the scalp and hair get transferred which may cause trouble to your hair. So, never share your comb and clean it regularly.

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Deodorant or Antiperspirants

The roll-on deodorants are the worst as the germs and bacteria get stick to the surface and get transferred from one to another. However, the ones with alcohol content are comparatively safe as they are bacteria-resistant. This is probably one of the germiest things lying in your home.


A lot of us don’t mind sharing our intimate things like towels with our friends and family members which is an unhealthy practice. Towels, when damp has the most germs on it which reside for hours. This may develop into fungus if not cleaned for a longer time. Therefore, you must not only keep your towel clean but also refrain from using anybody else’s towel.

sharing towel

Food trays

The tray you get your order in McDonald's, Dominos, etc. have a lot of germs on them. These plastic trays are not only touched by a lot of people but these are less-cleaned which makes it a good house for bacteria.

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Do you borrow earphones or share yours with others? You may not know this but you are a greater risk of getting an ear infection! The earwax that gets stick to the earbud has transferable germs.

sharing earphones

Makeup brushes and beauty products

It is always advised to never share your makeup with anybody. Not just makeup but you shouldn’t share your makeup brush either to prevent germ growth. These germs can host a lot of infections. including conjuctivitis.

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