Life lessons that we need to learn from Kaira of Dear Zindagi

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Jun 18, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Be like Kaira, live life to the fullest.
  • Expressing the right emotion, at the right time, in the right way is an art.
  • You can recycle your life any day you wish.

One priceless lesson that Dear Zindagi teaches us is to be like Kaira. Now, what is so special about Kaira? She is a girl with qualities that can make our life much better, simpler and easier. Most of us don’t know how to live free. We certainly need to learn the right way of living from Kaira. She is full of life while we live each day with just the aim to make it through the day, she does not wait to follow her passion while it takes us our entire life to realize our real passion. She does not wait to express her emotions while we are not skilled enough to express our emotions or we just don’t want to express any emotion at all because deep down we think that nobody cares. So, be like Kaira, live life to the fullest, don’t think about past, don’t worry about future, live the moment. Got a dream? Work for it. First realize and then go after your passion, don’t stop, life is too short to sit back and wait. Be expressive about all your emotions. Cry, laugh, hate, love, just do not hold yourself back. Be like Kaira, be free and happy.



Life is a game, play it by your rules

“Mere dad har Sunday mujhe yahan laya karte they, samundar se kabaddi khelne…” Shah Rukh says with a smile on his face while Alia looks back confused. This trailer where Shahrukh is playing kabaddi with sea teaches us another precious life lesson. Life is a game and you are supposed to play it by your own rules. Just like a game, your life will has struggles to win, there will be loses but at the end, you cannot let your loses make you quit. It is your life, your game, your playground, so just play, win and own it, don’t fear loss. Play and win, there is no need to be bogged down by loses.


Recycle your life

This movie tells us that we can either fix our messed up lives or we can recycle it. Yes, you can recycle your life. Start over, try harder this time, be a little smarter, don’t make the same mistakes again and see where life leads you this time. And, if you happen to screw again, start all over again. Well, starting all over again is better than quitting.


Express, please!

You are happy, laugh. You are sad, cry. You hate someone, tell them. You love someone, tell them. Expressing the right emotion, at the right time, in the right way is an art, learn it, and master it and the only way you will learn it is by being frequent with expressions.


Love more

You love, you smile, you laugh, you breakup, you cry… now, repeat. Yes, just like we told you, you can recycle. If you loved someone and he or she broke your heart, don’t stop, love again. You cannot start hating love because you bumped into few temporary ones, your happily ever after is still waiting.




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