Learn how to beat the heat before it beats you from Alia Bhatt

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Jun 04, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Too much perspiration may leave you dehydrated.
  • Drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids.
  • Eat fresh fruits such as watermelon and mangoes.
  • Drink replenishing beverages such as lime water.

The scorching summer heat can get too harsh with its hot and humid weather. It's summer's peak time and is already affecting everyone, including celebrities. Recently, the young and bubbly actress Alia bhatt had expressed her dislike towards the weather on twitter. Having fallen sick to the heat, Alia tweeted, 'Aaaaah under the weather and how!!!! Hate being sick photoshoooooot today. Eventually only the camera can cheer me up'.


how Alia Bhatt beats the heat


The young actress sure knows some effective ways to remain cool in scorching heat.  Learn what tips she has for her fans so that they can also beat this heat in Alia Bhatt Way.


Alia Bhatt style of beating the scorching heat

Drink plenty of water

During hot weather, our body loses excess water through perspiration so it becomes important to replenish lost fluids and keep yourself hydrated. For this, the actress recommends drinking plenty of water. She drinks at least 5 litres of water every day.


ways to remain cool in scorching heat


Binge on fruits

Alia makes it a point to consumes foods that act as natural coolants in summer. She eats a lot of fruits as they give her up ample energy and fluids to stay healthy and active. One can have fruits such as watermelon, grapefruit, mangoes, apricots, gooseberries and pineapple. Having fresh fruit juices or salads between meals is an excellent way to energise.


Lime Water

While there are many varieties of summer drinks, Alia prefers to drink lime water. Fresh lime-water keeps the body cool. Make your own glass of lime juice with chilled water and lemon juice. Sip on the fresh, soothing drink to feel refreshed.


Sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds

The sweet and charming actress also likes to eat sweet basil seeds with milk. Sabja seeds are usually consumed during summer as they act as one of the best coolants for the body.




Image Source : m.moviezadda.com/ www.onsecrethunt.com

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