Practise kundalini yoga for better health

Kundalini Yoga is practised in India as a form of physical, spiritual and mental discipline that helps in the development of strength, consciouness and character.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
YogaWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Oct 17, 2017
Practise kundalini yoga for better health

Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga that helps in the development of awareness, strength, consciousness and character. The practitioners of Kundalini yoga refer to the physical, spiritual and mental discipline as the yoga of awareness because it puts primary focus on the practices that expand one’s awareness and intuitions so as to raise an individual’s consciousness and become one with the infinite consciousness of Brahma.

According to the practitioners of Kundalini Yoga in India, every human being has a serpent coiled at the base of spine, which acts as a source of enlightenment and energy. It is to harness and release the energy that Kundalini yoga is practiced. It is important for a beginner to first learn and understand the philosophy of Kundalini Yoga to prepare for its poses and mudras.


Kundalini Yoga Poses

Crow Pose

To do the crow pose, stand on a flat surface and bend your knees. Bring the hips as close to the ground as possible without touching it literally. Pull both the hands up and outstretch them parallel to the shoulder. Get back to the original position by slowly standing up and bringing the hands down.

Frog Pose

To do the frog pose, place the heels together and the fingers touching the ground. Slowly straighten your knees without moving the heels or the fingers from the ground. Inhale as you straighten your knees and exhale through the nose you squat down. 

Stretch Pose

To do the stretch pose, life the head and feet six inches from the ground. Take the arms upwards with the palms facing each other. Pull your neck and state at the toes for a while. Breathe as you stare at your toes. 

Camel Pose

To do the camel pose, place your hands on the small of your dorso for support and arch backwards with the help of your head. Your spine should form a perfect arch.

Cobra Pose

To do the cobra pose, lie on a flat surface with your hands under the shoulder and palms flat on the ground. Push your body up by lifting the heart, letting the head follow and keeping the pelvis on the ground. If the stretch is uncomfortable, try the Sphinx pose by keeping the elbows on the ground as you arch the head back.

Guru Pranam

To do the Guru Pranam, bring your torso over the thighs and place your forehead on the ground. Extend your hands straight in front of you on the ground as if you are praying.

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