5 Aspects Of Holistic Health: Know Why They Are So Important?

If these aspects are unified, and the core of your being is strengthened, you will not fall sick even for a single day of your life.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 10, 2020Updated at: Jul 14, 2020
5 Aspects Of Holistic Health: Know Why They Are So Important?

Imagine! If you had to remember to inhale-exhale and breathe every breath in a day, you would probably not survive the day. Our tendency to forget and get distracted would surely ensure that no one could escape. Why are we talking about Holistic Healing? Everything doesn’t work for everyone; each of you is special and unique. A holistic strategy to health and wellness is the only way to support creativity, vitality, good health, success, good relationships, financial growth and every aspect of life. The sacred texts define the human body in 5 sheaths Koshas or five aspects.

  • Physical wellbeing- (annamaya kosa)
  • Energy wellbeing- (pranamaya Kosa)
  • Mental wellbeing - (manomaya kosa)
  • Intellect wellbeing - (vijnanamaya Kosa)
  • Bliss –Social welfare- (anandamaya kosa)

Let’s review the five critical aspects of Holistic Healing by Dr Larra Shah who is a celebrity holistic healer, author, Astro science expert and life coach, that are relevant in today’s fast-paced competitive life.

  • Physical wellbeing: The human body has a magnificent inbuilt mechanism that scientists and researchers are still trying to fathom. How does the brain work, where is the mind, how do neurons communicate to each other, how is the body temperature maintained, how does the blood pressure maintain its rhythm and loses it other times?

  • Energy wellbeing: The mystery of the body is unfolding each moment, with one single realisation that ‘the human body has infinite potential and possibilities that you have not discovered yet’. And that there is conscious energy that upholds this mechanism. One single cell divides and further divide to create an entire human baby, isn’t that a marvel in itself.
  • Mental wellbeing: There are more than fifty trillion cells in the body, and each of these cells knows what to do, each work with the other in collaboration and unison so that you can do various tasks at the same time. Answer a phone, write something, think something, pick up a mug and sip your coffee all at the same time. Have you ever given this a thought?
  • Intellect wellbeing: Research says that million-plus cells die and regenerate every day, to keep the body system fresh and working. The human brain is complicated; let’s think of it as a computer with a hard drive. The soft wares are the conscious and subconscious minds. The conscious mind is connected to your creativity, spirituality, uniqueness and identity. The subconscious mind is an automated data that is saved in your memory, and it pops up and works without you even realising. Driving a car, writing, habits, reactions, past experiences etc. Study reveals that there are approximately 2000 thoughts per hour in mind.
  • Social wellbeing: The mind software’s need to be updated regularly and if that is not done then you could be stuck like a writer gets a block, a fuzzy mind, a confused temperament, illness, hurry and worry tendencies. How do you update your inbuilt software, it’s effortless. You pay attention to yourself for a committed time every day, to ensure that you are in power and control of yourself and your life. Self-Discovery with Holistic Healing is the path to your unlimited potential and a fulfilled life.
holistic healing
  • Holistic Healing is inclusive: Preventive medicine, Alternative Science modalities, Practice mindfulness, yoga, meditation, healing to suit your lifestyle and holistic health.

If you don’t fall ill, you are vital, creative, passionate and have an inner power that is designed to do great things for you, your loved ones and the world.

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