Pregnant Anushka Sharma Clicked In Swimming Pool, Is Swimming Safe During Pregnancy?

Swimming is a great exercise for pregnant women but there are certain limitations that they must consider to keep the unborn baby safe.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 22, 2020Updated at: Sep 22, 2020
Pregnant Anushka Sharma Clicked In Swimming Pool, Is Swimming Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a delicate time where a mother is handed over a long list of dos and dont’s. From bending down to overexerting herself, there are many things that are touted as unsafe for the mother and baby in the womb. While some things are controversial that older adults may find it risky but doctors rather believe it to be good. A common belief is that the mother should eat healthy, sleep well and do moderate exercises daily for a healthy baby and smooth delivery. While heavy exercises are banned, there are some light exercises that according to doctors are safe such as swimming. If swimming safe for a pregnant mother? Find the answer in this article.

Swimming during pregnancy. Is it safe?

Different people have varied opinions on this. Those who do not know the medical aspects of pregnancy might think swimming to be unsafe but doctors consider swimming to be cent percent safe. As per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, swimming is the best exercise for a pregnant woman and totally safe. This exercises her body without putting her or her baby's health at risk.


Besides, IVF or In Vitro Fertilization experts too have approved of swimming during pregnancy for the myriad benefits this exercise offers. It doesn't stress the body but relaxes the muscles to relieve physical and mental tension.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that is known to build muscular strength even in pregnancy. If you swim regularly, this would maintain your fitness level without risking your unborn baby. Actress Anushka Sharma too shared a photo of her in the pool. If she can, you can too.

Benefits of Swimming During Pregnancy

Swimming, in general, is a great exercise but whether it is safe or not for pregnant women is a sensitive topic. As per experts, swimming is absolutely safe for expecting mothers. In fact, this one exercise not only keeps them fit throughout the pregnancy but also prepares their bodies for labor pain and delivery. Note down these benefits of swimming during pregnancy:

  • It helps in controlling pregnancy weight gain and relieving joint and bone discomfort due to increased weight.
  • Swimming brings a peaceful night’s sleep. So, if you are facing trouble sleeping, you must do a little swimming daily.
  • Discomfort and swelling are normal during pregnancy. Swimming relieves that. This is one reason why water birth is considered to be safe and less painful.
  • Swimming is found to strengthen the neurological system of the baby.

Are there any risks of swimming during pregnancy?

While swimming is considered totally safe for pregnant women, there are certain considerations that one needs to keep in mind:


  • If you have a complicated pregnancy or late pregnancy or are dealing with any medical condition, consult your gynaecologist. Only if the doctor permits, you can swim.
  • Ensure that the pool water is cleaned regularly. If not, do not take the risk of swimming in unclean water.
  • Do not over-swim. This may cause exertion that is not good for health.
  • Avoid swimming in hot springs or hot water as this is not safe for the baby.
  • Avoid cold water too as this can lead the body into shock and you may have to suffer severe consequences.

The bottom line

Swimming is totally safe for pregnant women besides they follow all the restrictions mentioned in this article. To be on a safe side, consult with your gynaecologist before proceeding as some women might have pregnancy complications that may not allow them to swim.

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