Is Eating Chicken Good For Weight Loss?

Chicken Myths: Here's how eating chicken is beneficial for you (Chicken Benefits).

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 05, 2020 10:25 IST
Is Eating Chicken Good For Weight Loss?

Chicken myths and facts: Do you know why chicken is included in a healthy diet? Because it is rich in nutrients, helps to maintain your health and does not contain too much fat. If you eat chicken regularly, it will help you healthily lose weight. Chicken is also rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus.

If you ask a non-vegetarian why they like chicken, then it has two advantages, one is the taste and the other is the benefit. Yes, the chicken has numerous health benefits and can also be a companion to your weight loss journey. This is the reason why eating chicken is not forbidden in a weight loss diet. However, the benefits of chicken cannot be ignored. Let us tell you the benefits of eating chicken i.e. lean meat.

Herb Crusted Chicken 

Good source of protein

Chicken is considered a good source of protein and iron, it helps to strengthen your muscles and keep your hair healthy. Eating chicken increases strength, that is why it is advisable to eat chicken to increase weakness, blood loss and stamina.

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Helpful in weight loss

  • Many people think that chicken can become an impetus in your weight loss, ie, chicken can increase your extra kilos. But this is wrong, chicken (being healthy) is rich in a small amount of fat, which is why eating chicken regularly can help to lose weight healthily.
chicken for weight loss
  • You can eat a chicken made with black pepper, it helps to improve digestion and metabolism, which does not accumulate fat in the body and helps you in weight loss.

Beneficial for bones

chicken for bones

In addition to protein, chicken is also rich in phosphorus, vitamin D and calcium. These are nutritional elements which help in strengthening your bones and teeth. If you eat chicken, you will not have joint pain (which is caused by weak bones). Not only this but eating chicken regularly reduces the risk of arthritis too.

Help relieve stress

Do you know that chicken is also helpful in reducing stress? Both tryptophan and vitamin B5 is found in good amount in chicken, which helps reduce stress. Along with this, chicken relieves the symptoms of PMS and is also rich in magnesium. So it can be said that eating chicken can help you live a stress-free life.

chicken salad

Chicken is an immunity booster

You must have often seen that in most diseases, doctors give you advice for consuming eggs, meat and fish in healthy food (whether it is fever or cold and flu). This is because chicken helps the body to fight the disease by increasing the immune cells. Not only this, the chicken soup will help in clearing the nasal passages while giving you relief in winter. Chicken soup is the best diet to overcome cold and infection.

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