International Yoga Day 2019: PM Narendra Modi’s Animated Yoga Videos for Yoga Awareness

With the International Yoga Day 2019 approaching, the twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an effective medium of getting acquainted with yoga through gripping animated videos of asanas

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YogaWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 10, 2019
International Yoga Day 2019: PM Narendra Modi’s Animated Yoga Videos for Yoga Awareness

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been spreading awareness about yoga and its essential health benefits globally. With the International Yoga Day 2019 approaching soon and the whole national waiting to see what our beloved Prime Minister will do to promote this form of exercise, PM Modi’s official twitter handle is already abuzz with animated videos of PM Modi showing yoga asanas. Trikonasana, Tadasana and Vrikshasan are some of the asanas displayed in these series of videos. Showcasing each asana step-by-step, these videos are aimed at increasing awareness about yoga and its benefits on health. Below are some of the asanas showcased by the PM and its health benefits. 

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Ustrasana for Flexibility 

This yoga asana is exceptionally beneficial for those looking for strengthening their back and shoulders. Also known as the Camel Pose, it is easy to perform and has several health benefits. It also helps in overcoming menstrual pain. To accomplish this asana: 

  • Kneel on the mat, placing your hands on the hips
  • Your knees and shoulders should be in line and your feet facing the ceiling. 
  • Inhale and draw in your tail bone as if being pulled from the navel area. Arch your back and take your palms over your feet.
  • Further, flex your neck, keeping it in a neutral position. Breathe in
  • Breathe out and come back to the starting pose 

Benefits of Ustrasana 

Ustrasana is essential for flexibility and has several health benefits. This asana helps improve the digestion and stretches the back and shoulders completely. In also helps in alleviating backache and improves the flexibility of the body. Other benefits include: 

Posture Correction: Desk work and lack of exercise lead to sore muscles and also unbearable pain in the spine. It is essential to know that poor posture can lead to several health problems. This asana is best done to correct the body posture naturally without undergoing any treatments. 

Shapes the body: This asana is apt to work on the thigh muscles. It also helps in the reduction of tummy fat. A strong and a lean built give the much-needed personality to an individual and Ustrasana is apt to get that slim body without any crash diets.

Helps maintain cardiovascular health: Ustrasana is good for heart health as it stretches the abdomen and the chest muscles.  It also helps in enhancing the blood flow levels in the body.

Aids Digestion: Constant signs of bloating and acidity are clear signs of indigestion. Ustrasana helps in body detoxification and significantly reduces heartburn. It also helps in aiding digestion with the stretching of abdomen muscles. 

It opens the heart chakras: Inculcating yoga in daily life helps in unlocking the heart chakra, which regulates the love in your life. With this asana, there is a constant flow of energy in the body. 

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Avoid these Mistakes 

While doing Ustrasana, it is crucial to follow the rules correctly to avoid muscle tensions. One should not tense the back as it would refrain the body to get the much-needed relaxation. Also, the knees should be in line with the hips. Do not squeeze your hips while performing the asana. Also, follow all the specifications accurately for maximum benefit. 

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