Indoor Vs Outdoor Cycling: Which Is More Healthy For You?

Cycling is done both indoor and outdoors, know which one is more healthy according to your goals.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jun 02, 2022Updated at: Jun 02, 2022
Indoor Vs Outdoor Cycling: Which Is More Healthy For You?

With increased popularity of gymnasiums and indoor cycling, outdoor cycling has almost halted. Most of the people have started cycling in gym or brought a cycling machine home. If you are wondering about cycling as a hobby, then I feel it should be outdoor which connects you with nature. It not only is good for your physical health but also mental health. On the occasion of World Cycling Day 2022, you should know if cycling is more beneficial indoor or outdoor. What you might know is that there are number of disadvantages of cycling indoor than outdoor. Today we will try to tell you about some major differences between these two, and leave you to decide which one is better for your health. 

Indoor Cycling 

Cycling in the indoor environment has gained popularity in the recent years. Usually prefer going to gym and cycle and exercise in groups. It is one of the most popular activities in the fitness centers. While going to indoor machine for cycling, you need to follow the given instruction, you also have social interaction which actually deviates your mind from losing weight. 


What are benefits of Indoor Cycling? 

Indoor biking is always done under protected environment, which creates a major difference. Typical indoor cycles are made of flywheel. It has a mechanism that resists you when you pedal. Cycling indoor have the following benefits- 

  1. Can be done in any environment, rain or heavy sunshine 
  2. It is easy to control resistance of pedal 
  3. Improves endurance and strength 
  4. Benefits of cardiovascular health 
  5. Helps in maintaining weight 
  6. Increases core strength and stability 
  7. Encourages better posture 
  8. Reduces risk of falls 

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Outdoor Cycling

Cycling in the outdoor environment is relatively more beneficial for your health. It is a great choice and people should be encouraged more to use bikes for training outside. Especially in India, this cycling culture is vanishing, as only kids or people who cannot afford other transportation use bicycles. Cycling is considered a leisure activity and it is easy to carry anywhere with you. Cycling outdoors can actually improve your concentration, breathing ability and many other functions. Check the list of outdoor cycling benefits below- 


  1. Improves cognition and psychological functions 
  2. It adds variety to cycling  
  3. Increases challenges and promotes high efficiency 
  4. You intake fresh air and vitamin D from sunshine 
  5. Can be easily worked out in daily routine, running errands, etc.  
  6. It can increase your stamina relatively more 
  7. Improves concentration and focus 
  8. Relaxes your mind and deviates it from stressful activities. 

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Indoor vs Outdoor Cycling 

Both indoor and outdoor cycling are beneficial for your health. Unless you are a professional outdoor cyclist, you do not have tremendous difference in burning of calories. But the mental peace, fresh air, concentration and a relaxation are better provided with outdoor activity.  

When you are working out, try to take time off and go for outdoor cycling to know the difference. One of the major differences of outdoor and indoor cycling is the regulated environment. Normal biking gives you the advantage to try new things, challenges and is more fun to do, whereas cycling on machine could just be a way to work out and burn more calories.  

A normal person can struggle with constant peddling of the flywheel and get tired or irritated, which is not the case with outdoor cycling. However, indoor cycling could give you a conveniance of time and suitable environment. Thus, you need to choose which is better for you according to your goals.

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