How To Keep Up With Your Workout While Travelling

You need not hamper your workout schedule while travelling, here are some exercises that you can try.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 21, 2022Updated at: Apr 21, 2022
How To Keep Up With Your Workout While Travelling

I guess we all love to travel to places and experience different cultures and natural beauty. All through this we try to have local food which might or might not be very nutritious. But that is okay as this is a part of the travelling experience. But one thing that breaks in between is your exercise routine. Especially those people to try to keep themselves fit and are under a terrific shape need to maintain it. It is not possible to get gym all the way, but you can still do some exercises that keeps your overall body health in place. Today, we would discuss about some exercises that you can do while travelling too.  

Exercise and Travel 

Most of the people have this assumption that exercise and travel cannot go hand in hand. This is because there is no particular availability of resources or machines where you can work out. People who do high intensity interval training can actually be taken aback by the tough schedule. But there are a few exercises that are low-maintenance, accessible and easy to perform at any location and conditions. We would recommend you 4 exercises that could be done through majority of individuals with ease. walking_lunges

Travel Friendly Exercises for Good Health 

1. Walking Lunges 

They have several benefits that come in handy when you are traveling. Walking lunges keep you moving and increase your heart rate to promote circulation of blood. They also keep your legs and hips pressed so that you do not have muscle fatigue easily while traveling. Walking lunges can also help to generate more blood in the oxygen that can keep you warmer. If you're traveling and have limited time and space, then walking lunges can energize your body and brain. It could be a very handy and beneficial exercise for your body during travelling. 

  • For this you need to stand straight with your hands at the side of body. 
  • Make sure that you have a clear and even path ahead of you. Walking lunges could be a exaggerated version of walking. 
  • Take a big step forward with one foot and lower your body until both knees form a 90-degree angle. Use your core to stay balanced and centered at your hips and legs. 
  • Return to the standing position and perform this exercise with the other foot. Complete 10 lunges on each leg.

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2. Planks 

This is a very popular core exercise which targets multiple large muscle groups in your body. From shoulders to your arms, and then to the core, planks have you covered at every step. This body weight exercise requires very little time and space. The best thing about plants is that you can do it anywhere while traveling. You can do this simple exercise for three to five times in a day. Each time you need to hold for at least 30 seconds. 

To do this exercise- 

  • Lie on the floor with your stomach touching the ground. 
  • Using hands and toes of your feet, Lift your body off the ground and form a straight line from a folder till your heels. 
  • Keep your arm straight and engage your core so that all the pressure moves to your stomach and chest. 
  • Hold and breathe through the plank for 30 to 60 seconds whichever you can maintain without losing your form. 


3. Downward facing dog 

This is a yoga pose and breathing exercise that can relieve tightness, tension and stress while you are traveling. This is also recommended when you have run or have become extremely tired. It helps to really slow back tension, hamstring tightness and tension in the neck and shoulders. All this could develop easily develop after a few hours of travelling. Downward facing dog posts can actually improve your bone health in the arm, wrist and hands. It could also lengthen the muscles in the back of your legs. 

To do this exercise-  

  • Stand straight feet hip width apart, palms open and eyes looking forward. 
  • Hinge forward at your hips and place your palms on the floor in front of each foot 
  • Once you hold the position keep your legs and knees straight and look down with elbows straight. Engage your core and breathe several times. 

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4. Seated Diaphragmatic Breathing 

With current strains on travelling, stress levels are elevated quite often and for that exercise could be very useful. Seated diaphragmatic breathing can help you get through nervous situations. This is a breathing exercise that could help you take rest and digest responses. Instead of triggering your sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of five responses focus on your breathing. This exercise can reduce the stress and anxiety of travelling while increasing the levels of oxygen in your blood.  

For this you just need to sit on a chair straight and breathe in with a nostril and exhale through the other. You can also hold the breath for 4-6 seconds with each inhale. Do not strain your breath though. 

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