7 Simple Exercises To Reduce Your Double Chin

Many people are not comfortable with the extra fat under jaw. Here are some simple exercises to reduce your double chin. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 07, 2022Updated at: Apr 07, 2022
7 Simple Exercises To Reduce Your Double Chin

Obesity can cause the development of body fat in many areas of the body, including double chin. In fact, it might seem uncommon but even people with a healthy weight can have a fat jaw. Are you a fan of sharp jawlines? Well, there are many exercises that can help in such situations. The most common causes of a double chin are too much fat, bad posture, ageing, genetics or irregular facial structure. While some of these factors are uncontrollable, people can still find the right set of exercises to reduce your double chin. 

Double chin is medically termed as submental fat. It mostly develops when a layer of fat gets collected below the chin or around the neck area and is most often caused by weight gain. Facial exercises are very important as it is to physically move rest of the body. Facial exercises help in promoting blood circulation and reducing wrinkles as well. Read the article further to know about the number of facial exercises that can help in reducing double chin. 

Simple exercises to reduce double chin 

These facial exercises not just help in toning the muscles and tissues around your face skin, but also give a strong jawline. All these exercises can be easily done at home and can give good outcomes in about a month's time if done daily. Here are 7 simple exercises that can reduce your double chin

1. Lower jaw push

To exercise lower jaw push, you have to keep your face forward, and move the lower jaw both forward and backward while keeping your chin up. Do this atleast 10 times for best results.

2. Face lift 

Face lift is an exercise which works up the muscles around your upper lips, and reduces sagging. While practicing this exercise at home, open your mouth properly and flare the nostrils. Stay kn this position for atleast 10 seconds before you release it.

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3. Roll the tongue 

While keeping the head straight, you have to roll and stretch the tongue as much as you can towards the nose. Do this process again in the same manner, and let it stau for abour 10 seconds. Repeat this facial exercise after taking break for a few seconds. 

4. Chewing gum 

It might seem weird, but even chewing gum is one of the most simple exercises that can reduce or lose your double chin. When you chew a gum, your face and chin muscles get stretched and move in a continuous motion, which helps in minimising the extra fat. It also strengthens your jaw muscles along with lifting your chin.

5. Fish face

Fish face or pouting might be a selfie act, but doing it everyday as part of your exercise routine can help you in reducing the double chin. You just have to suck your cheeks inside and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Take some rest and repeat this exercise atleast four or five times. If the fish face is looking difficult for you, work on your pout game. 

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6. The giraffe 

The giraffe is one of the most easy exercises, and it works well if you want to reduce the fat in your chin and neck area. Just sit down in a comfortable position and look forward. Keep your fingers at the beginning of your neck, and stroke it downwards. During the same time, tilt your head backwards, and then bend your neck to touch your chest through the chin. Do this facial exercise twice.

7. Simha mudra 

For Sinha mudra, kneel down with legs folded behind (vajrasan) and keep your hands on the thighs. Keep your back and head straight, then take your tongue out. Stretch your tongue out as much as you can but without putting too much stress. Take a deep breath and then exhale. Repeat it atleast 5-6 times for desired results.

Keep giving yourself a reminder that you are always glowing and beautiful and double chins are not something that can dim down your inner glow. However, if you think that the double chin is bothering you, these above listed exercises can help in reducing it. Exercise is one of the best things that you can do to maintain the skin tightening and shed the extra layer of fat in the neck and chin. It is also known as facial yoga and these exercises can help in tightening up the part where you have your double chin.