Are Days Of Rest Important After Workout? Pros And Cons You Must Know

Rest after workout plays an important role in determining the muscle recovery, here are pros and cons you must know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 07, 2022Updated at: Apr 07, 2022
Are Days Of Rest Important After Workout? Pros And Cons You Must Know

Training and workout are always good for your health. It helps you stay active and reduces the risk of diseases. Many youngsters have started working out and going to gym because they want to stay fit and active. It also helps them keep their body in shape that allows them to prolong their career. But many people, especially youngsters, do not take rest and push themselves to limit that leads them to cause muscle fatigue. Few days of rest after exercise is an important factor in maintaining your body growth. Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair the damaged tissues and cells inside. 

Benefits of Taking Rest After Workout 

1. It allows time for your recovery 

Taking risk does not mean that you lie on a sofa or couch, the whole day. You can use your rest day to sleep and give more time for your body to recover. This is beneficial for muscle growth and agility. Exercise creates microscopic tears in your muscle tissues. During this rest period, the cells called fibroblasts repair it. This helps your tissue to heal and grow, resulting to stronger and better muscle growth. Your body stores carbohydrates in form of glycogen. When you exercise this glycogen acts as a fuel to your body.


2. Prevents muscle fatigue 

Rest is very necessary to avoid exercise induced fatigue in your body. As mentioned earlier, exercise depletes your muscles glycogen levels. Proper rest allows this glycogen to be replaced and prevents your muscles to get soreness and fatigue situation. By getting adequate risk, you prevent fatigue by letting glycogen store refill and this will help you restore your energy at a much faster rate. 

3. Reduces risk of Injury 

Just working out day and night and at all days can affect your body. Intense workout regularly can increase the risk of injury. When your body is overworked, then it is more likely to get injury, tears and wears out. This also increases the risk of muscle disorders in older age. Overtraining also exposes your muscles to repetitive stress and puts them at strain. Therefore, rest is important as workout training. 

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4. Improves your performance 

When you do not get enough rest, it can be hard for you to train normally and as efficiently as you used to. Without rest, it can be even hard for you to practice your normal routine that challenges you. If you try to push yourself too much, then it can decrease your performance as well as agility and endurance. Lack of rest can lead you to slow reaction time which can hamper your muscle growth and affect internal injuries.  

5. Provides body with healthy sleep 

Most of the people may not know that physical activity increases energy boosting hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Regular exercise can improve your sleep but taking rest is also helpful for your health, especially mental health. When you exercise constantly, these hormones are over produced that can give you a hard time while sleeping and worsens the fatigue. The rest can help you get better sleep and letting your hormones return to normal levels at a balanced rate. 


Risks of Resting for Days after Workout 

If there are benefits there are some negative points of taking rest after workout as well. However, these side effects or risks can only happen if you do not focus on your right training method. There are some negative effects of resting for days after your workout period. 

1. Having too much restlessness 

People who train on a daily basis actually feel restless when they are asked to do nothing. Have your workouts and physical activities increases your hormone levels and adrenaline in your body. Restlessness can cause sleep apnea and sleep disorders if not taken care of. Therefore, sometimes slight exercises for these people become necessary. 

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2. Fat Accumulation in the body 

Diet is an important factor when you are at your resting period. When you are resting then the calorie intake should also be reduced accordingly. Most of the people make this mistake of eating regular diet, which they used to eat when they were working out. Because of this, the fat accumulates in form of glucose in your muscles of the body. This can hamper your weight loss routines as well as lower the benefits of workout.

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