Trouble Focusing? 6 Exercises To Improve Concentration

There are exercises you can do to improve concentration

Shubhangi Shah
Written by: Shubhangi ShahPublished at: Mar 18, 2022Updated at: Apr 06, 2022
Trouble Focusing? 6 Exercises To Improve Concentration

You sit down to work. A few minutes later, you get a mail. Immediately, you stop your work and reach out to your phone to check that mail. Once on your smartphone, you decide to check your Twitter notifications, then an Instagram reel, a Facebook post, and 25 minutes later, reality hits you, and you realise how much time you have wasted. This is the classic case of the lack of concentration. Yes, it makes you procrastinate on tasks, but it might also leave you irritated, cranky, and even beating yourself up for the time wasted. In this smartphone world, we live in, many of us face concentration issues. To beat that, what you need is the opposite – exercises to boost your concentration. In this article, we are looking at six such concentration exercises in detail.

Tips On How To Build Concentration

Here are some ways you can build your concentration and focus:

1. Split Your Work

You know the tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day. This alone doesn’t guarantee focus or that you’ll be able to complete everything. What might help is dividing your work into smaller tasks. This way, you’ll have less work to deal with at a time. Hence, you’ll be able to concentrate longer.

2. Make A-List

This time, you don’t have to make a to-do list, rather a not-to-do list. Things like checking your phone constantly might feature on it, which can help you remain focused.

Reading can help you improve concentration

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3. Read A Book

Why this smartphone world has shrunk our attention span is because it requires us to concentrate for a shorter time. Just think, how much time it takes to go through an Insta story or read a tweet. It also strips you to understand the complexity of topics and leaves you with just surface-level knowledge. Hence, what might help is picking up a book. Your attention span will increase, and so will your knowledge base.

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4. Do Concentration Exercises

Sudoku, puzzles are becoming the games of the past. No matter how interesting and absorbing these are, such games are being replaced by Insta reels and YouTube videos. But, if you want to both prevent your attention span from shrinking and rather want to boost that, engage more in such exercises. Other concentration-building exercises can help. For example, count from 100 to 1, skipping every third number. It’s a lot harder and requires greater attention than you think.

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Concentration exercises for you

5. Meditation

Meditation clears your mind of clutter you gather throughout the day. Research has shown the positive effects of meditation on the concentration level. Thus, take just 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and breathe off all that mental garbage away.

6. Become An Attentive Listener

One of the senses that doesn’t lie about concentration is hearing. You know when someone is listening to you or not. Hence, you can use this sense as a tool to build focus. When someone is talking to you, focus all your attention on him/her without letting any other thought from entering your mind.

These are six of the many exercises you can do to boost concentration. Other than these, include enough physical activity in your daily routine. It is good for your body and your mind, which includes your concentration level.