Weight Loss: 4 Neglected Muscle Groups And How To Strengthen Them

Not paying equal attention to all muscle groups results in disappropriate body and frequent injuries

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 17, 2023 18:48 IST
Weight Loss: 4 Neglected Muscle Groups And How To Strengthen Them

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If you've ever gone to the gym on a Monday, you'll know that it's the busiest day of the week. Do you know why? Not because it's Monday’s motivation, but Monday is international chest day for lifters, and everyone wants to show off their massive chest. 

Even though the human body contains several muscles, the biceps, chest, and triceps are the muscle groups which are most flaunted on Instagram reels. Individuals love training only those muscle groups which are visible in clothes and ignore the others. Training one type of muscle makes you strong in some movements and weak in others. So, if you're new to training or suffering from weak compound lifts, let's start by learning what happens when you ignore particular muscle groups and the four most neglected muscle groups and how you can improve them. 

What Happens When You Ignore Certain Muscle Groups?

The most serious issue is that not training all of your muscles results in a distorted body. Bodybuilders are known for having a large upper body and an extremely small lower body. It is recognised in the fitness world as having chicken legs with a massive upper body. Another significant issue that develops is the occurrence of injuries as a result of a weak foundation. 

Neglected Muscle Groups

1) Calves

When it comes to training the lower body, the majority of people either avoid it or simply target the glutes and quads. Calves are frequently overlooked since they are located on the back side of the body. Not training your calves can result in frequent knee injuries as they stabilise your knees. Jumping and incline hikes might also be difficult. 


When it comes to strengthening your calves, a seated calf raises machine is the greatest option. For the best results, train them at least twice a week. 

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2) Lower Back

The back is one of the largest muscle groups in the upper body, and strengthening it is essential for a strong foundation and good posture. When it comes to back training, people make the mistake of training their upper back muscles while ignoring their lower back muscles. Ignoring the lower back muscles often leads to injury and poor performance in compound exercises. 


Deadlift is an excellent workout for strengthening your lower back. The only thing to remember is to focus on form and begin with little weight. 

3) Forearms

In a quest to grow big biceps and triceps, forearms are the muscle that is most neglected. Having a tiny forearm makes your arms appear smaller and makes it difficult to execute bodyweight activities. 


The best way to strengthen your forearms is to hold a 20kg plate with your fingers till failure after your workout. 

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4) Traps

Having trouble growing your shoulders? You're probably ignoring your traps training. Traps are part of the shoulder and are placed at the back of the body, which is why people overlook them. Shoulder injuries are frequently caused by weak traps.


Shrugs are an excellent workout for trap strength. All you have to do is perform at the end of your shoulder workout.

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