How To Prevent Anxiety Attack In Public Place? Follow These 4 Tips

If a panic attack hits the public place, these five tips will help you in it tackling immediately.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Oct 09, 2020 16:16 IST
How To Prevent Anxiety Attack In Public Place? Follow These 4 Tips

How to stop an anxiety attack at public places? Do you know that it is difficult to socialize for people struggling with mental troubles? Moreover, it becomes more complicated when such people face anxiety attacks. Have you ever seen someone getting such attack at a public place? People often get panic attacks due to crowds or noise. In such a situation, people begin to breathe heavily, get nauseous, choke their throat and sweat profusely. In such a case, the responsibility of those people who have such sick people around them increases. Let's know about some such measures, with the help of which you can efficiently deal with public place panic attacks.

  • Get help from family and friends: Trust your friends and family whenever you are in a crowded or a public place. Do not hesitate to share whenever you feel nervous or have slight signs of an anxiety attack. You must seek the help of your relatives and friends without feeling anxious and fearful of those situations. This is also because talking to someone and sharing your experiences with them can make you feel comforted.
  • Avoid the causes of attack and keep calm: Many times you think you will do this or go here! So in such situations, avoid things that make you feel anxious. Make sure that you protect yourself from excess stress. If you have trouble with the crowd, stay away from it. If you encounter panic attacks when you see someone fighting, then stay away from such situations. Overall, try to avoid as much tension as possible.
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  • Live among more and more people: Exposure can help you to adapt to anything. Stay in as many people as possible and try to restrain yourself among the crowd. These things will help you to fight small anxiety attacks. By doing this, your mind will gradually become comfortable with those situations, which you will not worry about panic attacks at the public place.
  • Get the opinion of experts and doctors: The first and foremost thing is that if you are experiencing such symptoms, seek the opinion of an expert. Do not waste time worrying about anxiety attacks. You can also talk to psychiatrists about how to deal with it in a public place and get suggestions. Don't forget to take your medicines. If there is any problem or even some difficulty, then call your friend or someone at home and tell them. Try not to be alone during such attacks.

How to prepare for such situations?

If such circumstances keep happening to you, then you should always be ready for it. You will not worry about your anxiety attack before a presentation or speaking in a group. At the same time, practice to make sure that you will control yourself for a while. In such a situation, always keep some medicines and a bottle of water with you. All this will give you relief for a time. If you keep up with this preparation, it will allow your mind to feel a sense of control over the situation you are going to face.

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