Knitting Is More Than Just A Hobby As It Is Effective In Alleviating Stress & Anxiety

Knitting is not just a hobby but it is advantageous for one’s health too. Apart from enhancing cognition, it alleviates anxiety & reduces stress.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Feb 23, 2020 15:00 IST
Knitting Is More Than Just A Hobby As It Is Effective In Alleviating Stress & Anxiety

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Knitting was once a favorite hobby of women. Nowadays fancy clothes have reduced the importance of self-woven sweaters, mufflers and other clothing. But there was a time when the old women used to knit woolen wear with the arrival of winters and this shall continue the entire season. Now perhaps people do not have that much time or gradually this art is disappearing but do you know how beneficial knitting is for your health?

Many researches have been done on the knitting habit and the result of these researches suggests that knitting is not just an art, but a kind of mental exercise, which gives a lot of benefits to your brain. According to research, knitting relieves depression, anxiety and stress. In addition, the risk of serious neurological diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's etc. is less. Some research even suggests that knitting can give you relief from chronic pain.


What does research say?

In 2009, a research was conducted by British Columbia University on 38 women who were affected by a severe eating disorder. These women were advised to weave a little time daily. Scientists found that 74% of women had regular knitting to overcome stress and anxiety problems, which kept their brain healthy and cured eating disorder.

  • The UK's ' Knit for Peace' is a large network of over 15,000 weavers who weave clothes for the needy. There is enough evidence from people working in this organization that knitting keeps both body and brain healthy.
  • Similarly, the 'British Journal of occupational therapy' (British Journal of Occupational Therapy) noticed a large group of people to weave since its incorporation in their habit as they lived happier to 81%.
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Why is knitting beneficial?

People whose hands are set, they get used to knitting even in normal conversation. Yet at the time of knitting you have to focus your brain subconscious on the needle. This is why scientists believe that you use a large part of the brain during knitting, which increases blood circulation in these areas and intensifies contact between nerves. In simple language, you use a larger part of your brain while knitting, so your brain stays healthy. Apart from this, scientists tell that your brain releases a large amount of serotonin (Happy hormone) due to repeated steps and soft touching of wool or thread. It keeps your mood fine and provides many health benefits.

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Knitting Is Good For Heart Health

According to a research conducted at Harvard Medical School's Mind and Body Institute in 2007, knitting daily reduces your heartbeat by 11 beats per minute, which makes you mentally relaxed and the brain works much better. . Apart from this, your heart remains healthy for a much longer period of time due to reduced heartbeat. knitting is a good exercise for those who have high blood pressure problems.

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Other Advantages of Knitting

  • Knitting gives your brain the same benefits as meditating.
  • Knitting improves your brain's motor functions and develops concentration ability.
  • Those who have a problem of forgetting things quickly or not being able to focus on any subject / thing, should knit 20-30 minutes daily.

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