How to have good relationship with your colleagues

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May 18, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Good working relationships are important.
  • Cordial environment at work promotes overall growth of organisation.
  • It is not about friendship, the idea is to have healthy relationship.

We spend 8 to 9 hours at workplace, which becomes a major part of our lives. So, it is the place that requires us to be in our best form in all aspects. We are supposed to be nice to people, to have cordial relationship with our colleagues, seniors and subordinates along with being a great performer and maintaining decorum.



Good working relationships not only enable personal growth in an organisation but also promote overall growth of organisation. However, offices and the working environment do not always allow us to strengthen our relationship with our co-workers due to competitive environment, jealousy and envy.

If you wish to have amiable relationship with your co-workers, take a look at these below pointers.



When you are working in a team, you will have to think as team. You will have to trust your teammates and likewise, you will have to work towards gaining their trust as well. You must be such a person that anyone can come up to and talk without the fear of being duped. 

Mutual respect

Have mutual respect, regardless of your job profiles and positions. Do not respect the position, respect the person. You should respect your subordinates. Having fights, insulting someone at workplace in front of others will diminish the respect quotient for each other. Maintain a decorum and sort things quietly.


Respect of one’s personal space and decision

If someone at work decides not to talk to you or be that open, respect that and do not force your friendship on him or her. You will come across people at work, who are quiet and do not actually talk much, they can be spotted fixated at their workstations most of their time at work. You must understand the concept of personal space. Let them work quietly.



You should always communicate first. If you are miffed at someone, if someone has offended you in any way or there is anything that is bothering you about someone and it is personal, communicate it with that person. Tell them about it instead of giving the issue a professional turn. Most people take out the personal frustration, professionally, which only hampers the professional and personal relationships.



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